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by:JIABANG     2020-11-27

many owners when decorate will asked about the content of the high price of ceramic tile products, for you about the high price of ceramic tile this problem, small make up specifically to collected some information, hope can help to you.

what kind of ceramic tile cost-effective?

A, east peng dong peng ceramic tile ceramic tile from scratch in 1972 to now, the progress unceasingly innovation, the patent has reached more than 300 ceramic tile, the ceramic tile product combines characteristic of the high and new technology and Oriental culture, makes the style of ceramic tile more close to the life.

B, Marco Polo brand is the main supply of building materials businesses, the side shows the excellent characteristics of ceramic tile. Its products mainly include the polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, inferior smooth outdoor wood deck tiles, microcrystalline, manual and so on. Tooling and decoration of choice.

C, a new source of ceramic tile is the domestic first through the ISO9001 international quality system certification and China's national compulsory 3 C certification enterprises, there are a lot of choice in the specification, and it can directly order. Founded in 1988, decking tile, the launch of the heavenly jade stone, seven star rock, three elements, corundum, etc are all in the home more contact.

D, gold gold rudder rudder ceramic tile ceramic tile is the industry called & other; Polishing outdoor wood deck tiles granddaddy China & other; The ceramic tile of enterprise, if need to choose gold rudder polishing ceramic tile is the default choice. After all, there are specialize in.

E, Nobel ceramic tile Nobel group co. , LTD is a foreign capital enterprise, entered China in 1992, so far, the investment in China more than $200 million, a year sales of 4. 7 billion yuan, sales and market share have been seven years in a row, 2003-2009) Counterparts in the country first, turned over to the state tax for five consecutive years, 2005-2009) Counterparts in the country first, and become China's leading brand of high-grade ceramic tile.

that's small make up for all the collected now high on the market price of some brand ceramic tile, product update iteration is faster, also hope that we can regard this kind of information, so you can choose to your satisfactory products.

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