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Half of ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-04

every household in the decoration of ceramic tile is essential needs for this material, we go to market choose and buy when, in fact, ceramic tile and porcelain and ceramics, respectively, but most of the people are not professional, so understanding the different kinds of ceramic tile is relatively small, possible errors on the choice, will affect the effect of domestic outfit, so half of ceramic tile?

there are many kinds of, in fact, the classification of ceramic tile such as according to the absorption rate, less than 0. Is 5% of the whole porcelain, is more than 10% of ceramic tile, the in between is the half of ceramic tile, including complete ceramic tile in fire when the temperature is above 1200 degrees, body bibulous rate is low, the finished product of high hardness, anti-pollution ability, half porcelain firing temperature below 1200 degrees, body bibulous rate is high, the finished product of hardness is low, easily broken. For the coefficient of outdoor ceramic tile rate, generally difficult to intuitive, so most people don't know how to distinguish between the porcelain and ceramics, there are a lot of simple method can be used, such as we can see the weight of the ceramic tile, the ceramic tile density is big, so will be heavier than half ceramic tile, can also through sound judgment, is brought on ceramic tile, if there is a long gravelly voice and echo, it is complete ceramic tile, on the contrary, if the sound is small empty response or no response, that is a ceramic tile.

there is another method is to distinguish from the water absorption, specific operation is dripping on the ceramic tile, if absorbed slowly, that is the whole porcelain, on the other hand is a ceramic tile, this also determines the construction between the two is different, the ceramic tile can need not bubble water directly to the shop is stuck, and half of ceramic tile is need enough time to soak, enough water may cause rupture of ceramic tile itself, or paste the rickety, fall off, and so on and so forth.

to say half of ceramic tile? From every kind of ceramic tile is objectively speaking, have their own characteristics, in fact all porcelain and porcelain completely can be applied to the different areas in domestic outfit, such as laying granite floor tiles use more complete ceramic tile, because it is bibulous rate is low, to do is very good, in the late for wall outdoor wood deck tiles, because ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, so you can't very good and cement, this time just need half a ceramic tile.

due to all the manufacture craft of outdoor ceramic tile is only suitable for relatively large size of the product, so need small ceramic tile, all porcelain will be higher than half the cost of ceramic tile, the price will be relatively high, so if you need the small ceramic tile to decorate the metope of toilet or kitchen, choose ceramic tile or very good.

how about half a ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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