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From the perspective of ceramic tile manufacturers, ceramic tiles are only divided into 3 categories

by:JIABANG     2021-07-29
I went to the building materials market for decoration, and my mind was dizzy. There are only hundreds of brands of tiles and thousands of products. In fact, from the perspective of decking tile manufacturers’ technology, there are 3 categories in total, and I can’t get out of these 3 categories. From the perspective of manufacturers, ceramic tiles are only divided into three categories, with five advantages. Matte tiles are favored by consumers for their smooth glaze, soft luster, and delicate texture. Using high-quality raw materials and scientifically optimized formulas, the matt interior wall tiles and matt floor tiles have regular sizes, delicate glazes, and refreshing and pleasant colors. Porcelain tiles: It is a high-end product, which is characterized by low water absorption, raw body materialization, dense and unglazed quality, and very high hardness and wear resistance. It can produce imitated natural granite and marble until the effect is obtained, and it becomes more noble after polishing, and it is now widely used. : It is made by glazing and firing on the surface of the ceramic body. Most of them are red bodies, which are characterized by low water absorption and high flexural strength. In terms of performance, it can be divided into non-slip and non-slip, wear-resistant and general non-wear-resistant. If you use time and high frequency, you should pay attention to the problem of wear resistance, otherwise the glaze will be easily polished to reveal the green color. From the perspective of the manufacturer, ceramic tiles are only divided into 3 categories, with 5 advantages. In addition to the purchase of outdoor ceramic tile and qualified tiles, attention should be paid to: color, pattern and size, specifications should be matched with the surrounding environment, and the items should be reasonably matched, but also the quality. . Such as chromatic aberration, flatness, etc. If the water absorption is too high, glaze on the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles is used to remedy it. In this way, the appearance does not look much different, but the internal quality is quite different. Therefore, you must first check the porcelain body procedure before purchasing. The most convenient method is to apply blue pen water to the unglazed area, and then wash it with clean water after one minute. If it is easy to wash, and there is no trace, it means that the porcelain is better, and it can be used with confidence without adverse consequences. Some bricks will be damaged during transportation and handling. Some small cracks are not easy to find, it is best to tap them before construction, if the sound is crisp, no cracking is good. Understanding the characteristics of ceramic tiles will help you make better choices to avoid unnecessary losses: 1. Low water absorption; low water absorption, only below 0.1%, which is 5 to 30 times lower than European standards and natural stone. After years of use, it will never change color, leaving no traces and always look new. From the perspective of the manufacturer, ceramic tiles are only divided into 3 categories, with 5 advantages 2. High wear resistance: It is fired at high temperature, with a Mohs hardness of 8 degrees, dense and hard texture, and abrasion resistance of <130MM2 It is the most decking tile. 3. Acid and alkali resistance: In the process of industrialization, acid rain has become more and more serious and has become the main cause of public environmental pollution. The champion stone adopts a unique formula, is fired at high temperature, is acid and alkali resistant, does not leave stains, and is easy to clean. From the manufacturer's point of view, ceramic tiles are only divided into 3 categories, with 5 advantages. 4. Uniform size: All computerized production and inspection equipment are used. The size is uniform and flat, and it is easy to construct. 5. Safety: Selected high-grade porcelain stone materials, the embryo body is completely free of radioactive radon gas, which is high-quality and high-safety construction. (Note: The characteristics of different types of products will vary.) Floor tiles are a commonly used decorative material in home decoration. It has a variety of colors and patterns. It is beautiful and easy to clean. It is mostly used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Ground decoration. Floor tiles currently on the market are roughly in the range of 300*300mm to 500*500mm. Most of them have been non-slip treatment, and the surface is divided into matte, polished, etc. According to the place of origin, it can be divided into three types: import, joint venture and domestic production. Most of the imported floor tiles are from Spain and Italy. Because floor tiles are different in production technology and material selection, the price is also very different. The price of domestic floor tiles is generally around 40 80 yuan / square meter; the price of joint venture products is generally between 80 150 yuan / square meter; the price of imported brands is mostly around 150 230 yuan / square meter.
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