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Floor tile rendering spelling a flower, make ceramic tile spelling a flower

by:JIABANG     2021-01-20

floor tile I believe we all know, is part of our indoor decoration inside cannot lack now, for the basic knowledge of the floor tile I believe everyone know, but I believe that knowledge of how parquet floor tile or someone is not clear, here small make up to introduce people to how parquet floor tile method.

a, the shop is stuck method of ceramic tile:

decking tile adhesives: also known as dry method, is a new kind of pavement material. It is a modified cement mortar. is not to be immersed in advance, does not need to wet base, just shop is the basic condition of good, the working condition improved significantly. Its gelling effect than the traditional mortar cement, especially for small operation, the working environment is not ideal for small and medium-sized engineering and home decoration. Can, of course, if the base prewetting, ceramic tile bubble water in order to get better effect.

colorful caulking agent: it is not common color cement, commonly used in seam shop floor or walls. Characterized by strong color solid attraction, compression wear-resisting, not not alkalify, contractive, not pulverization, not only changed the water fall off the defect with not firm stick of ceramic tile aperture, and make the color of aperture and ceramic tile appear unified and harmonious suitably, bring out the best in each other.

cross positioning frame edge banding: the use of the auxiliary materials to make the shop Angle of Yin and Yang in the Angle of construction technology has been greatly improved. No longer need to ceramic tile 45 degrees of trimming, greatly save the working hours and broken. Cross positioning when the shop is installed, can make floor tile seam precision, simplify the construction process.

the combination of a variety of specifications, its characteristic is to choose the geometry size decking tile of different much money ground, become group shakedown outfit according to certain combination. Because the granite floor tiles made of different size combination together with combination is much, make the geometrical line of the ground change immediately, reflecting in order change and vivid.

floor tile by a variety of color combinations, it is the granite floor tiles that differs by glaze color outfit of random combination store. Differ in thousands ways of its vision effect, daydream making a person. It is traditional to us & other; Symmetric unified & throughout; The challenge of aesthetic view. It is suitable for large hall.

seam shop: it focuses on the return of the history. Glaze is dealing with uneven, straight edge also make it corrodes shape, for when the shop is installed, set aside the necessary gap and fill color caulking agent, it make integral effect is unified, emphasized the dignified sense of history.

metope shop: USES 45 degrees of inclined shops and union of perpendicular shop outfit to this makes metope is become by relatively drab before geometry line abound and have change, enhanced stereo feeling of the space and dynamic atmosphere.

the spelling a flower note 1

tile floor spelling a flower is the most basic point is to be in accordance with the design scheme of the shop is stuck in advance, so as to achieve the result of design in advance;

the spelling a flower note 2

spelling a flower on the ground, before the shop is stuck to the surface of the parquet floor tile along the vertical wall is put out, and in the corners of each floor tile mat bubble, to prevent the sharp corners of floor tile is damaged, ban put heavy pressure on the face of the ground floor tile spelling a flower;

the spelling a flower note 3

shop post when applying high cohesive force of concrete or ceramic tile adhesive;

the spelling a flower note 4

when the shop is stuck it is important to ensure that every piece of tile base without loose material and oil, the surface of the floor tile of solid, smooth, clean;

the spelling a flower note 5

keep grass-roots level off, and then set aside the whole thickness of spelling a flower.

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