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Five common ways to lay tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-21

 Tile is a floor decoration material that many families choose. Floor tiles of different specifications have different paving methods, and the difference in paving methods causes the final decoration effect to be very different, and the paving cost is also very different. The following editor will introduce you to five common tile laying methods.

  1. Rules paving is concise and atmospheric    The key points of paving: paving the walls in parallel. The joints of the bricks are aligned without leaving any joints. At the same time, the joints are treated with a jointing agent close to the color of the bricks, which looks refreshing and tidy.   Suitable type: polished tiles are usually used, which is suitable for modern and simple style.  Intimate reminder: Rectangular tiles are laid horizontally or vertically to make the whole space appear spacious.  Second, the combined paving feels more refined  laying points: tiles of different sizes, styles and colors should be laid in a certain combination.   Suitable type: suitable for European style and country style, with richer paving methods. Usually you can use marble or ceramic tiles that are slightly darker in color than the main tiles to be paved. Surround the ground with about 15 cm. The paving effect makes people feel that the materials are more refined and can enhance the atmosphere of the space.   is used in a modern and minimalist style home, using a combination of tiles with large contrast to pave the floor, which enriches the geometric lines on the ground and can play a good contrast effect.  Intimate reminder: The supporting products of modular paving include wave-strike lines, floor parquets and so on. The wave-dating line generally uses dark ceramic tiles, and there are also special matching wave-dating lines for antique tiles, which are mainly used in places such as the ground or the hallway. Floor flower line, corner flower, etc. are floor decoration paintings made of ceramic tiles, which are mainly used in the hall, coffee table or under the dining table.   3. I-shaped paving is solemn and grand. Main points of paving: I-shaped paving is modeled on the paving method of wooden floors, and is mostly used for paving a few types of tiles such as wood-like tiles.  Suitable type: The I-shaped pattern is patchy, which creates a sense of patchwork visually, but at the same time it is monotonous, but also creates a solemn, calm and heavy effect.

  Intimate reminder: The I-shaped paving method can most weaken the depressive feeling of the narrow and long space, and it is suitable for use in the aisle, kitchen or bathroom.

   Fourth, the diamond-shaped diagonal paving is suitable for small area decoration.   laying points: laying bricks at a 45-degree angle to the wall, this method is relatively expensive and laborious. When laying antique bricks diagonally, it is best to leave wide seams, leaving seams between 3-8 mm, which can reflect the primitive feeling of bricks. You can choose a jointing agent that is close to the color of the outdoor wood deck tiles body, or you can choose a contrasting jointing agent to treat the joints of the bricks. The geometric lines are crisscrossed, making the overall effect more vivid and unified, and can bring a strong three-dimensional feeling to the space . Suitable type: antique bricks are most commonly used with a 45-degree diagonal paving method, which is suitable for European and Chinese styles, as well as modern minimalist styles. Visually, the original square bricks will become diamonds, and will not be too dull or oblique. The effect is also more atmospheric.  Intimate reminder: Small square tiles are laid obliquely, which is suitable for small area and local decoration, because large areas will give people a trivial feeling, and it is not convenient to clean. 5. Herringbone paving shows individuality. Key points of paving: two adjacent rectangular tiles are laid at a 45-degree angle. One side of the tile is exactly aligned with the middle of the long side of the other, which is shaped like a 'person'. . Or use mosaics, pebbles, etc. to form completely irregular shapes.   Suitable type: Herringbone paving is a relatively new paving method, suitable for personalized modern minimalist style homes.  Intimate reminder: Herringbone paving has a strong sense of lines, which is not suitable for large-scale paving in the living room and bedroom. Similarly, the cement floor inlaid with mosaics and pebbles and its changeable colors and shapes can only be used for partial decoration, so it is usually used for small-area paving such as balconies or aisles.

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