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Drilling tiles for room decoration

by:JIABANG     2021-06-22
In the process of decorating the house, there are actually many things that we should pay attention to. Let’s talk about the precautions for the decoration of the tiled room for everyone. I hope these contents about the precautions for the decoration of the tiled room can help everyone. .

1. Make an overall plan.

Many friends often ignore this process in the process of redecorating. But generally speaking, we must clarify the decoration ideas of the house before the house is renovated. For example: Is it partly renovated, or is it renovated as a whole? Do a good job of decoration planning before the start of construction, which can not only connect the various decoration links to each other, but also avoid a lot of decoration troubles.

2. House design

Nowadays, when many friends carry out the decoration design, the main requirement is economy and practicality. As long as they conform to their own aesthetics, they don’t need to be luxurious. It must be designed according to the decoration plan made before. In addition, if you choose a decoration style, but suddenly encounter boutique objects and special products, don't be tempted, otherwise putting it at home will cause serious inconsistency or a sense of inferiority.

3. Decoration budget

Many friends who did not make a good decoration budget before the decoration, after the completion of the decoration, the total cost of the decoration will often exceed the decoration budget. This is largely due to the fact that everyone has not made a good decoration budget. Therefore, we must make a detailed form for the decoration before the decoration. Renovate in strict accordance with the contents of the form.

4. Load-bearing walls cannot be demolished.

Unauthorized demolishing of load-bearing walls poses a great safety hazard, so in the process of house renovation, you must pay attention to distinguishing the removable walls And remodeled walls. It is best to demolish and modify according to the drawing of the house. If there is no drawing, generally the door and exterior wall cannot be demolished and modified. To avoid potential safety hazards, you must distinguish between what is a load-bearing wall and what is not before removing the wall.

The above is some of the precautions for the decoration of the tiled room that I have compiled for you. I hope you can make good use of these contents to avoid errors in the decoration process.

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