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by:JIABANG     2020-10-19
The kitchen toilet is to tile, sometimes sitting room also need tile, so the choice of the geostrophic is important, good floor tile decided that with the beauty and quality of the whole decoration, take a look below the granite floor tiles of choose and buy small trick. Typically area of the shop is stuck on the ground according to need time to planning, general recommendation outdoor wood deck tiles area is less than the space of 40 ㎡, choose 600 * 600 mm or below the specifications of the granite floor tiles, the space of more than 40 ㎡ general advice to 800 * 800 mm specifications. Small space of the shop is stuck on the ground, such as kitchen and bathroom, choose 300 * 300 mm or the following specifications. This plan is reasonable and can highlight space aesthetic feeling, also can avoid the waste caused by repeat purchase. Diagonal dimension, put the two pieces of the same species of brick overlap together face to face, the corners of alignment, turn one piece, square size YiZhiZhe good all the time. This method is especially suitable for smooth surface of the ceramic tile testing. Check the flatness, put the two pieces of the same species of brick overlap together face to face, the corners of alignment, turn one piece, turn to poor quality, the opposite. This method cannot be used for detection of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles. The significant characteristic of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles is any change of the surface color and decorative pattern, the surface is uneven. Wall brick is not bibulous rate is lower, the better, a lot of people think decking tile is bibulous rate is higher absorbs water easily, after the cold expansion will lead to crack and the ceramic tile ceramic tile surface spalling, however, bibulous rate is lower, the better is the points situation. For wall brick, needs certain bibulous rate to ensure that when using the cement mortar floor decrease the rate of the empty drum wall brick, the shop is stuck firm. Must ensure that when the shop is stuck wall brick immersion time is enough, 2 - It is advisable to 4 hours. See finish, this is an important index for detection of polishing brick quality. Protective wax on the surface of the polishing brick with clean soft cloth or reagent, in light or sunlight, 45 degrees Angle of view, on the surface of the brighter the better. particles more exquisite strength is higher, the intensity of ceramic tile is related to its pressure and bending, and strength depends on its density. , when choosing ceramic tile for the floor tile of toilet and kitchen, the back can see ceramic tile ceramic tile strength degree of fine particles to identify the high and low, under normal circumstances, the ceramic tile of grain is exquisite, the higher the density, the higher the breakdown strength. These small coup ended well, will be used.
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