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Do you use full-body tiles or polished tiles in the living room decoration?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-19
Do you use full-body tiles or polished tiles in the living room decoration? Many friends do not know whether to choose full-body tiles or polished tiles for the living room when decorating. Today I will tell you about this issue. First of all, this should be determined according to your family's budget. If you have sufficient budget, the editor recommends that you choose full-body tiles, because the anti-slip and wear resistance of the whole-body tiles are better than polished tiles, and the color of the whole-body tiles Colorful and diverse, more options, easy to use in the living room; if you have a small budget, for the sake of good quality and low price, the editor of macro ceramic tiles recommends that you choose polished tiles, because in the living room, if you want light To be brighter, you can choose polished tiles. Secondly, it depends on the degree of anti-fouling in your living room. If your home has special cleaning and you are also for good quality and low price, I suggest you choose polished tiles. The antifouling effect of polished tiles is worse than that of full-body tiles. After polishing, the polished tiles are not glazed, and there will be some small holes on the surface. If the living room is dirty, there will be a lot of soil in the small holes, so it needs to be cleaned frequently, and the antifouling ability of the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles is better. The above is the answer to the question about whether to use full-body tiles or polished tiles in the living room decoration. In summary, we still have to choose according to our actual situation when we choose.
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