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Decorate the small and medium-sized ceramic tile can also

by:JIABANG     2020-10-04
In our impression, it seems that decking tile mostly the same, design is about the same, in fact, as long as we think much more attentively, small decking tile can also home into an art space. You can choose a few rich colour and design personalized ceramic tile, can adopt the way of some of mixed color mix build, can change the way of the shop is stuck, etc. , small changes can have different effect! Then we take a look at a map tile decoration effect. Sitting room from afar, the introduction of the eye is a rich cultural artistic space, found that it was when approached with pieces of ceramic tile shop sticks. Such background decoration fit in with the Chinese style style. 2. Lake blue toilet, give a person a kind of cool, clean feeling. And white clean is provided, make whole space appears more clean. On the corner to put a small chair, can easily master put clothes. 3. Whole space corridor is white is given priority to, but the ground is not stick to one pattern, embedded in the black squares, like a checkerboard. Children standing in the above can also play on black and white squares. 4. The kitchen wall and ground outdoor wood deck tiles color design is the same, but there are some different in the way of the shop is stuck, host chooses the alignment and diamond combination of two types of the shop is stuck, make the space more rich administrative levels feels, look more generous. Small make up words: in the space of a bit bigger, we can use the floor tile Mosaic diamond pattern, let a space more artistic. On the metope of collocation of contracted simple but elegant, the granite floor tiles cannot choose too flowery colour pattern. In general, the selection and collocation of ceramic tile and home style unifies, so as to make the home look more beautiful and easy. Above is the small make up and share the ceramic tile decoration effect, we hope you like it, if you want to learn more knowledge and the beautiful, can pay attention to our consultation!
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