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by:JIABANG     2021-06-29
The new house is going to be renovated, don’t you know how to choose tiles? Come take a look at the common sense of these tiles to buy it. 1. Ceramic tiles are roughly divided into five categories according to their crafts and characteristics. 1. are bricks whose surfaces have been glazed. Based on the difference of raw materials, it can be divided into two types: ceramic glazed tiles, which are fired from clay, with high water absorption and relatively low strength. According to the local soil quality, there are red soil and white (yellow) soil. Porcelain glazed tiles are made of porcelain clay, with low water absorption and relatively high strength. Its main feature is that the back color is off-white. According to different gloss, it can be divided into the following two types: bright glazed tiles and matte outdoor ceramic tile. Glazed brick 2. Whole body brick The surface of the whole body brick is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back sides are the same, hence the name. The whole body brick is a kind of wear-resistant brick. Although there are varieties such as bleeded whole body bricks, relatively speaking, its design and color are not as good as glazed bricks. Generally, it is rarely used for walls, and most of the non-slip bricks are full-body bricks. Whole body brick 3. Polished brick is a kind of bright brick that the surface of the whole body brick body is polished. Polished tiles are a derivative product of whole body tiles. Compared with the whole body tiles, the surface is rough, and the polished tiles have a smooth surface. It is hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets, kitchens and indoor environments. On the basis of the use of bleed-through technology, polished tiles can make a variety of imitation stone and wood effects. Polished tiles 4. Vitrified tiles are a kind of reinforced polished tiles. In addition to porcelain clay, they also contain a relatively high proportion of quartz sand (the main raw material for making glass). It is fired at high temperature. The texture is harder and more wear-resistant than polished tiles. The finish is better. Vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles 5. Mosaic is a special kind of brick, which is generally composed of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick. Divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic and glass mosaic. Mosaic II. According to the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles, it is divided into the following three main types: a. Ceramics: ceramic products with a water absorption rate of ≥6%, mainly used for wall decoration. b. Semi-ceramic and semi-ceramic: refers to ceramic products with a water absorption rate of ≥3% and <6%. c. All-ceramic: refers to ceramic products with a water absorption rate of less than 3%, which can be widely decorated on walls and floors. Most of the small bricks are all porcelain. 3. According to different occasions, it can be divided into the following categories: a. Interior wall tiles: ceramic materials used for indoor walls; b. Floor tiles: ceramic products used on the ground; c. Exterior wall tiles: used for building exterior walls Ceramic materials for surfaces and balconies; d. Square tiles: ceramic products used in outdoor large squares and sidewalks.
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