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Beware of discoloration of tile floor wallpaper, pay attention to the purchase and paving

by:JIABANG     2021-05-31
The house I just moved into suddenly changed its color, and the culprit was the tiles, floor and wallpaper. It turns out that these three pieces are born 'chameleonsA case of tile discoloration and water absorption: Xiao Zhu still remembers that the wall tiles in his bathroom began to change color a month after they moved in. The original cream-white outdoor ceramic tile appeared incongruous gray, and the more they looked down, The color becomes darker. He found a shop selling bricks. The factory sent someone to watch it for half an hour. Before leaving, he told Xiao Zhu: 'This is not the quality of the brick itself, but a problem in the pasting process. You have to find a decoration company. 'So, Xiao Zhu found the company that was decorating him at that time. The company also sent a mason at the time to look at him. The mason didn’t do much research and told Xiao Zhu directly: “These bricks have too high moisture content and will change color as soon as they absorb water. 'Now, Xiao Zhu is completely confused, who should bear the responsibility for the discoloration? In the market, we found a Mr. Wang Yinuo, who has been engaged in decking tile sales and service for many years. In Wang Yinuo's opinion, the probability of discoloration or chromatic aberration of wall tiles is not high. Generally speaking, as long as the vitrified tiles, polished tiles, and porcelain tiles are genuine, there will be no discoloration or chromatic aberration. Firing, glazing and other processes are relatively prone to chromatic aberration. However, he also recognized the mason's statement: 'The discoloration of tiles is indeed related to water absorption.' Therefore, when you buy wall and floor tiles, you must pay attention to its water absorption, anti-glaze cracking, and good-quality tiles. Low water absorption, good glaze crack resistance, and thin and uneven glaze, as long as the surface is stained with some water, it will cause discoloration. Wang Yinuo demonstrated a simple and effective test method on the spot. He picked up a outdoor wood deck tiles, dripped a drop of water on the back of the brick, and then observed the speed of the water penetrating into the outdoor wood deck tiles. He said that if the penetration rate is relatively slow, it means that the water absorption rate is low. In addition, Wang Yinuo said that it is best to buy bricks from an agency or directly-operated store. These stores usually only make bricks of one brand, and the purchase channels are formal, and the quality is relatively guaranteed: 'When you encounter shops that sell several brands of bricks at the same time, be careful. You may encounter bricks from unknown sources or defective products of big brands. Bricks and other foreign-made bricks are sold as genuine products.” Saying goodbye to Wang Yinuo, we went to Maifeng Decoration to verify another question: Will tiling cause the bricks to change color? A master named 'Yi Xian' from Mai Feng Decoration also gave an affirmative answer: 'It is influential.' According to the situation of Xiao Zhu's family, he suggested that Xiao Zhu take a closer look at whether the floor tiles have also changed color. , That means that the original waterproofing was not done well, and now there may be leakage on the wall and the ground. Years of construction experience has made the 'first line' think: 'The bathroom should be waterproofed at least twice, and the time for the water cultivation experiment should not be less than 48 hours.' But if it is another situation, only the wall tiles are discolored, and the floor tiles have no effect. The first line' felt that it might be because the mason was lazy, and pasted the bricks that had not been soaked in water or insufficiently soaked on the wall, causing the bricks to absorb the moisture in the cement after they were installed on the wall, and then change the color. Finally, when the owner is buying, it is best to remember to ask whether this brick is suitable for acidic or alkaline cleaners. Using the wrong cleaner will damage the glaze and eventually cause discoloration.
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