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Baxter ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-25
is the ground adornment and one of the favorite products of metope adornment, it is easy to clean, maintenance is convenient, the price is relatively cheap, pollution impact resistance corrosion resistance and other advantages. Brand ceramic tile lets a person on the market at present the edition, let's look at Baxter ceramic tile? Baxter ceramic tile price how many? Baxter how Baxter decking tile ceramic belongs brillant best ceramics co. , LTD. , foshan city, is the production of microcrystal, glazed ceramic, porcelain polished tiles, outdoor ceramic tile products of high-tech large-scale enterprises. Since it was founded in 1999, Baxter ceramics has won the 'national customer satisfaction product, famous product of China's ceramic industry, famous trademarks of guangdong province, China's environmental protection product, the national 3 c certification, ceramic top ten brand' such as countless honors. In 2014, Baxter ceramic with high quality product quality and extensive market reputation became 'sponsors' of China's national gymnastics team. In order to design lead times, winning by quality. Company has 24 automatic roller kiln production line, imported from Italy SACMI4600 - 8800 large-tonnage sacmi press and Spain SINCRO II roller printing machine and other production equipment, strict implementation of the internationalization of production management and quality control, establish synchronization with the world and strict internal control standards, the joint European innovation design professional design agencies, pour good raw materials and design concept of decking tile. Baxter ceramics through technology r&d and innovation constantly, 'antibacterial antifouling' won the international patent technology, introduced each year dozens of new fashion and trend of the industry by new products, to taste and artistic charm and honor, to create a noble taste household space at the same time, become the vane of industry. At present, the company sales network cover all over the country, radiation in Europe, America, southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on more than 50 countries and regions. Products from the space collocation, with life view of the design. Baxter ceramics 'professional focus, the pursuit of excellence', one hundred European art essence, synchronous fashion world, human interpretation of life, to the modern European art and culture source for creative, innovative, seiko spy, focused on the decking tile product manufacture, design and high quality. Baxter ceramic praise highly 'modern European Jane' the household design style, fully reflect the unique Baxter ceramics and grade of the beauty of the space, from quality to the taste of ascension, set off a 'taste in the' new fashion of life. Baxter produce high-grade ceramic modern Jane European household space, is committed to providing a noble, unique, high grade way of life. Baxter ceramics with 'research, quality first' products and 'heart and soul, especially' service for the high quality, high grade residential environment and make unremitting efforts. Baxter ceramic tile price models: wall outdoor wood deck tiles TAR07893 size: 30 * 45 price: $14. 56 / model: floor tile TPR8621 size: 80 * 80 price: RMB 246. 60 / model: granite floor tiles TPJ6655 size: 60 * 60 price: RMB 77. 60 / model: color tile TPA6512 size: 60 * 60 price: RMB 38. 60 / model: metope outdoor wood deck tiles OM4568 size: 30 * 45 price: RMB 8. 6650 # 80 / model: bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles size: 30 * 45 price: RMB 38. 00 / edit summary: above is the about decorating a network to provide you the Baxter how ceramic tile and prices of some Suggestions, the above price is only for your reference! If you also want to know relevant information, you can login to put decoration net, more wonderful content in this website! Will answer for you as soon as possible.
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