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Bathroom tile texture

by:JIABANG     2021-06-07

   Nowadays, the key to the success or failure of the decoration is the paving of the tiles. If the selected tiles and the way of paving are not good, it is easy to cause a situation that destroys the whole The decoration is called a sense of hierarchy, especially in places like the bathroom. In this issue, the editor will briefly talk about what should be paid attention to in this bathroom tile sticker. I hope it can help you! (Toilet tile texture map)

   1. When tiling tiles in the bathroom, the first thing to do is not to buy tiles, but to measure the size of the bathroom space and other issues. Therefore, to determine the size of the ceramic tiles to be selected, the general bathroom is 4-8 square meters, and the small size tiles will be more cost-effective. If it is a small apartment bathroom, you can choose a smaller size tile. If this level is not done well, it will have a lot of impact on your subsequent decoration!

   2. Pay attention to the selection of ceramic tiles in the bathroom, because it is a bathroom, which is a more sensitive place, so pay more attention to this issue. Because the bathroom is often slippery, you should choose non-slip tiles. Moreover, the brightness of the tiles should be determined according to the brightness of the bathroom. If the tiles are too bright, use matt tiles. In general, bright-colored tiles should pay attention to the stain resistance of the tiles. Otherwise, it would be more embarrassing to buy those that are easy to get dirty! (Toilet tile texture)

  3. Pay more attention to the collocation, you can decorate it without random matching, it is best to buy a complete set of decoration materials, waistline and the like, all in one The design is very beautiful. If you want to match it yourself, try to choose white tiles, and follow the principle that the wall tiles are lighter than the floor tiles. If you buy those tiles with brighter colors, it is not in line with the purpose of bathroom decoration!

   In short, the main point of the bathroom decoration is to have a unified style, and the color of the tiles should be as low-key and simple as possible, otherwise it will have a lot of influence on the overall style of the decoration. This is about the bathroom tiles in this issue. Pay attention to all the content. If you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to our official website! Finally, thank you for watching! (Toilet tile texture)


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