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Bathroom tile renderings Daquan, how to lay bathroom floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08

  What is the method of wall tiles in the bathroom? How to prevent a series of questions in the process of paving the bathroom wall tiles? The editor will introduce us to the bathroom wall tiles paving skills from two aspects: the wall tiles paving and after the paving. You only need to follow the accurate process. The paving of wall tiles can greatly reduce the doubts presented in the process of paving wall tiles.

  How to lay bathroom floor tiles?

   1. Understand the proportion of cement paste for paving. The cement used for pasting bathroom wall tiles is cement No. 425. The mixing ratio of cement sand should not be greater than 1:3. If the cement content is too heavy, it will be The high expansion coefficient of cement leads to the cracking of the wall tiles, which reduces the service life of the wall tiles.

  2, the wall tiles must be wetted before paving. If you choose to use glazed wall tiles and cement mortar as the adhesive, you must fully moisten the wall tiles before paving. , Generally, the soaking time should not be very long, it only takes 30 minutes.

  3. There must be seams in the paving. No matter whether the bathroom wall tiles are seamless tiles or not, they must be left seams. It is recommended to not be less than 1mm. For ordinary wall tiles, 1.5-2mm is appropriate. It can be widened appropriately.

  Precautions for paving bathroom wall tiles?

  1. Filling the gaps of wall tiles is generally filled with colorful grouts, usually used to pave the walls with gaps. It is characterized by strong color fixation, pressure and wear resistance, and no Alkalization, non-shrinkage, and non-chalking, not only change the problem of easy fall off and weak adhesion between the wall tiles, but also make the color of the gap and the tiles appear to be unified and coordinated to complement each other.

  2. Check the wall tiles hollowing. After the paving is completed, we must check the hollowing of the wall tiles. If the hollowing phenomenon occurs, we can use the glass suction cup to suck up the wall tiles and re-pave them. , Be sure to make the base layer again after the cement layer of the wall is found, and then pave the wall tiles.

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