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Bathroom floor tiles renderings, bathroom non-slip tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-10

Effective drawing of tiling tiles on the bathroom floor: uneven seams and uneven walls: mainly because the actual situation of the structure construction was not carefully checked according to the drawings and dimensions before construction, and the grassroots treatment was not serious enough during construction; at the same time, ash There are few pie control points, so the wall is uneven. Due to the fact that the elastic lines are not thin, the specifications and dimensions of each ceramic mosaic tile are inconsistent, the selection of bricks in the construction is not thin, the operation is improper, etc., resulting in uneven seams. The selected ceramic mosaic tiles of the same size should be inlaid on one wall. Non-whole outdoor wood deck tiles dumping should be handled by a special person.

The effect of tiling tiles on the bathroom floor: Yin and Yang angles are not square: Mainly caused by not following the rules to hang upright, set squares, and find rules when the base is gray. Wall pollution: It is mainly because the mortar is not cleaned up in time after the joint is finished, or the wall pollution is caused by other types of work and processes. It can be scrubbed with cotton thread dipped in dilute hydrochloric acid, and then rinsed with water.

Effect picture of bathroom floor tiles: soaking tiles: Before installing outdoor ceramic tile and exterior wall tiles, first clean the tiles and soak them in clean water for more than 2h , Take it out and wait for the surface to dry or wipe clean before use. Laminated tiles: Laying should be done from top to bottom, from the position of the bottom layer of the bottom layer of bricks, firmly lean against the ruler first, so as to support the first leather surface. Pull a horizontal pass on the surface of the tile as a standard for inlaying. It is advisable to use 1:2 cement mortar inlay on the back of the tile. The thickness of the mortar is 6-10mm. After attaching, tap lightly with the shovel handle to make it attached to the line. Then use a steel knife to adjust the vertical seam, and use a small bar to pass the standard. Click to adjust the plane and verticality.

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