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Bathroom floor tile size, what is the size of bathroom tile

by:JIABANG     2021-06-11

There are many types of bathroom tiles. It is important to choose good tiles. Especially bathroom tiles must be non-slip and decorative, so pay attention to choosing suitable tiles for decoration. Let me teach you what are the types of bathroom tiles and what are the sizes of bathroom tiles.

Used for some types of decorative tiles and sleeve tiles for wall decoration. The surface of this kind of brick is coated with a layer of colorful axial surface, which is processed and fired. The color changes are rich, and it is especially easy to clean and maintain. It is mainly used for wall decoration in kitchens and bathrooms.

1. Glazed interior wall tiles

Commonly known as ceramic tiles, they are called outdoor ceramic tile because there is a layer of glaze hung on the fine pottery surface. have a smooth glazed surface and colorful pictures, including monochrome, printing, and high-end artistic pictures. have the characteristics of non-absorption, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, so they are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. The water absorption rate of glazed tiles is relatively high (the water absorption rate is less than 21% according to the national regulations). After the ceramic body absorbs water and swells, the hygroscopic and swelling surface layer of the glaze is in a state of tension, and it will be peeled off after a long period of freezing and thawing. Cannot be used outdoors.

2, colorful glazed ceramic wall tiles

referred to as colorful outdoor ceramic tile, the exterior is covered with beautiful glaze colors and pictures. The state stipulates that the water absorption rate of such products is not more than 10%. Because the fine ceramic body absorbs moisture and expands, it can be combined with the glazed surface, so it has high strength and can be used on the ground or on the wall.

The shape of ceramic sleeve tiles are mostly rectangular, and they can be erected when used to add visual height after decoration. There are many standards such as 60 mm × 240 mm, 100 mm × 200 mm, 115 mm × 240 mm, 150 mm × 200 mm, 150 mm × 225 mm, 200 mm × 300 mm, and the thickness is between 6 and 10 mm. Can be selected according to needs.

3. Whole-body wall tiles

Also known as homogeneous bricks, whole-body bricks, and vitrified bricks. The sintering temperature of the outdoor wood deck tiles is high and the degree of porcelainization is good. The water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, the moisture swelling is very small, so the outdoor wood deck tiles has high flexural strength, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no color change, and long life. There are no visible shortcomings in the freezing and thawing cycles at -15°C to 20°C for 20 times. Hard texture, good impact resistance, aging resistance, no fading, but mostly single color, mainly used for balcony wall decoration.

The whole wall tiles are mostly long strips. They should be pasted horizontally during use to give people a sense of being cautious and strong. They are 45 mm x 95 mm, 45 mm x 195 mm, 50 mm x 100 mm, There are many standards such as 50 mm × 150 mm, 50 mm × 200 mm, 60 mm × 240 mm, and the thickness is generally 6 to 8 mm, which can be selected according to needs.

The size of bathroom tiles should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is not very large, the standard 300*300 should be selected, because the bathroom needs to find the slope on the floor, the floor drain is at the lowest point, shower or laundry The water can flow smoothly when the water is launched, so it is necessary to use floor tiles with a small single area. The 300*450 standard is the current customary standard, and it is generally used more. If the bathroom area is relatively large and you want to decorate more advanced, you can use 300*600 standard imitation marble wall tiles.

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