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TV wall with ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-11

the modern social background wall ceramic tile decorating is more and more common, whole feels the atmosphere to the person, so, choose ceramic tile to make TV setting wall, are more and more, it mainly refers to the sitting room, bedroom, is one of the focus of the decoration, small make up today is to introduce the outdoor ceramic tile with TV wall?

TV wall with ceramic tile, please

1, the use of imitation stone tile for TV setting wall, may promote the class of the whole decorate, make the whole TV wall looks brighter, and easy to match the furniture. At the same time, the ceramic tile of imitation stone itself with all sorts of grain, as if like a ink-wash painting on the wall. The key is ok with the keys.

2, but choose the ceramic tile of imitation stone make TV setting wall is high to the requirement of ceramic tile, ceramic tile should choose the ceramic tile of good glaze, high brightness and color of light can achieve good effect. Such as ceramic tile is insufficient light bright, would be counterproductive, so that make home feel cold.

3, the use of ceramic tile in TV setting wall can improve the grade of the whole decorate, make the whole TV wall looks more bright, and easy to match the furniture. In addition, the fine ceramic tile itself with all sorts of grain, spell like an ink painting on the wall, beautiful and easy, and easy to clean, have dust dirt with a rag to wipe.

4, decorate for setting wall ceramic tile now generally choose microcrystalline, may also be slightly higher in price, but the effect is much better than wallpaper. If plenty is recommended to use ceramic tile, clean and beautiful.

5, weakness is drab, color design and color is a single, not able to bear or endure look, seams, and if wrong size is waste, material price is high, the demolition of the effort. Advantage is durable, colorful, easy to clean, not easy aging become old. If you use ceramic tile, you can use every piece of different natural stone series.

6, the use of ceramic tile in TV setting wall will choose good you like color and decorative pattern, and the background wall have different characteristics compared with other materials. If TV setting wall with ceramic tile to dry hanging on the metope of expansion bolts with glue stick ceramic tile on tighten bolts to be strong.

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