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Toilet decorate what kind of ceramic tile is the best?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-18
Toilet decorates, nature is little not ceramic tile, ceramic tile can give toilet up very good adornment effect, and the design of the clever collocation can create a different artistic effect. So, for what toilet USES ceramic tile is very important. So, the next small make up to introduce the toilet decorate what kind of ceramic tile and toilet decorate ceramic tile selection criteria. Toilet decorate with what a ceramic tile, color should not be too messy toilet area is compared commonly small, should pay attention to when choose decking tile of toilet color so can't too cluttered, the ceramic tile of toilet color to toilet 3 big color match each other, so as to show the best overall effect. But the toilet clean of three color is consistent, ceramic tile color can be according to the three big color to choose appropriate color, but best not more than three kinds of color, must pay attention to the toilet or easy to produce the feeling of dazzled. Second, wall and granite floor tiles color each other each other toilet metope ceramic tile and granite floor tiles color choose to agree, such ability make toilet indoor color each other each other, paying special attention to in the toilet of the ceramic tile of metope and ground color difference, if the color difference is too big, can make whole toilet colour desultorily, let alone play a decorative role. Three, different size, different color choices 1, for a small area of the toilet can choose light color fastens wall brick, wall outdoor wood deck tiles have enlarge the space effect of light color fastens, make the bathroom has a good decorative effect, in addition, in combination with granite floor tiles, such ability won't appear top-heavy, let a person feel uncomfortable. 2, for the ceramic tile of toilet area can choose color, so that more natural to decorate the effect, and wall outdoor wood deck tiles color can choose warm color to move, but also the use of large area, also can put a small area of the wall brick, also can put the ceramic tile that cool color moves, so that can reflect master individual character more, also can increase the space of toilet. 3, for the ceramic tile of toilet can choose brunet department of large area, and then in the middle on collocation fastens the waist line or at the bottom of the light color fastens collocation of the line that play a base, so as not to let the whole metope appear too depressing, and floor tile color can choose similar color and metope, but sanitary ware must choose light color fastens, so the overall effect can appear exalted atmosphere. Toilet decorate ceramic tile selection criteria 1, the density of ceramic tile quality toilet decorate decking tile of choose and buy is much more strict with the quality of ceramic tile itself. So when the choose and buy, should be viewed from the side brick face whether level off, whether appear uneven thickness of the pinhole. In addition, the ceramic tile can listen to the voice whether when knock is ringing, the sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. 2, ceramic tile is bibulous rate is toilet of ceramic tile of choose and buy when the can to the water absorption of ceramic tile, ceramic tile with good quality, bibulous rate is lower, can quickly dry, if there is no indicate the bibulous rate, ceramic tile can use tea or water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, wait a few minutes after the diffusion of the water level, the less water absorption, bibulous rate is low, the surface quality is better. 3, brick surface glazing can be alternated by looking at the surface of ceramic tile glaze layer to identify, use hard scratched surface of ceramic tile, if there are scratches, glazing is insufficient. Wait until after a thinner glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic tile polishing, brick surface and easy to hide the dirt, difficult to clean up, and the lack of security. Edit summary: decorate what kind of ceramic tile of toilet and bathroom decorate ceramic tile selection criteria is introduced here, hope to be of help.
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