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To introduce the knowledge of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-26

is divided into many kinds of ceramic tile, so some people think that a house is only a kind of outdoor ceramic tile is enough is a very wrong, so the house of ceramic tile should be how to choose is a lot of people have more trouble problem, small make up in this issue is to simply introduce ceramic tile, hope you can help to you.

1。 If ceramic tile is classified according to use, you can put the ceramic tile atmosphere exterior wall tiles, wall outdoor wood deck tiles and floor tile brick, square brick, and industry. Wall brick is used for building exterior wall decoration and protection, has important protective effect on the wall. Wall brick is mainly used for indoor metope adornment. The laid of granite floor tiles is mainly used on the floor. Square brick stream of occasions for square brick, if is ordinary family is decorated can ignore this kind of ceramic tile.

2。 If ceramic tile is in accordance with any glaze to distinguish, with and without glaze glaze tile brick that divides into two kinds. Have glaze tile is treated with burn glair brick, brick surface primarily as interior wall decoration, main body is divided into clay and China clay, clay fire is on the back of the red, the back of the porcelain clay fire are pale. Without glair brick is not glazed porcelain tiles, a good skid resistance and abrasion resistance.

3。 The water absorption of ceramic tile is to measure whether it is a very important part of high quality ceramic tile, according to the water absorption points can have a porcelain ceramic tile, ceramic brick, standard brick, standard brick, etc. has a natural stone texture, and has a high resistance, wear resistance, bibulous rate is low, and the advantages of rich colors, between wei yu is the commonly used metope and ground decorates material. Several other ceramic tile is also can be used as the adornment stuff with good use, used in different places.

4。 If is according to the type to differentiate, can be roughly divided into polished tile, crystal brick, unglazed, etc. Polishing brick is the embryonic body outdoor wood deck tiles body surface polished and become a kind of shining brick, belongs to a body brick, relative to body brick, polishing brick surface should be clean. Crystal brick is a kind of bo changes a brick, surface smooth and bright as crystal, and the quality of a material is hard wear-resisting, hence the name.

this is some content about ceramic tile is introduced in current, if go on the Internet, there is a more in-depth knowledge query, so more easy and convenient to you to choose the ceramic tile of desired, this point is above all, want to know more related content welcome to continue to focus on website!

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