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Threw the brick and the whole porcelain glazed tile what's the difference

by:JIABANG     2020-08-28

ceramic tile can be decorated in a material cannot little, but this kind of material surface are used more widely, but we know the type of ceramic tile market is more, so when the choice must distinguish good to just go. Then threw the brick and the whole porcelain glazed tile what's the difference?

1, the size difference between

distinguish all threw the glaze and porcelain brick side to filial piety you a more simple way, is the size to distinguish from them. In general as the size of the brick is larger, the glazed ceramic size smaller. Such as the size of the polishing brick generally around 60 cm * 60 cm, and the size of the full glazed ceramic is less, the size of it in general are at about 30 cm * 30 cm.

2, USES the difference between

all glazed ceramic this kind of outdoor ceramic tile which is more suitable for use in public places, such as it is suitable for some common ground, metope, mesa, cylinder. And porcelain outdoor wood deck tiles it is more suitable for use in the family use. Interior decoration is more used in the family in.

3, adobe difference between

if you want to from the perspective of the color of adobe, full color glazed ceramic brick tile or better the difference between a, in general, as the surface of the glazed ceramic tile which all can see a thin layer of color, the color it is not going to seep into the bricks. And porcelain brick is different, the porcelain thrown it will seep into the color on the surface of the brick tile, so this kind of brick look that gives a person is a body, the tile color and the color of brick looks basically the same, so this method is good to distinguish between them.

4, color difference between

if on the color of it, like all the color of the glazed ceramic tiles are relatively more than the color of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, and color is also better to distinguish between them, so when consumer is choosing can be set according to his be fond of, so you can choose the color of to their satisfaction. Like porcelain throw brick there would be fewer choices up in color, and color difference between their color is not clearly, so that to distinguish is more difficult.

5, the surface difference between

all threw the glaze and porcelain brick can see its flatness to distinguish, relatively people like the surface of the porcelain throw brick to that which is flatness is better, in general there will not be the sort of corrugated; And all glaze surface is not so smooth, and the surface of it is there will be a certain number of ripples.

6, texture difference between

from grain, porcelain brick thrown at doing texture is not very fine, and all glazed outdoor ceramic tile of grain is relatively give a person looks like needle is exquisite. In addition, the texture of cast porcelain brick appears to have a sense of depth to the person, and all glazed ceramic tile stereo feeling will be a little weaker, overall give a person feel look like glass.

threw the brick and the whole porcelain glazed tile is the difference between what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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