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This way you will not be pitted when buying tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

   Tiles are definitely used in home decoration, so what should we pay attention to when buying tiles? Let me teach you how to buy tiles without being pitted.

  1. The style of ceramic tiles. Although they are all ceramic tiles, different tile styles have different matching effects. Therefore, when we choose ceramic tiles, we must consider the decoration style of the overall room.  2, the choice of tile specifications  How big is the decking tile to choose? For the living room, it is not that the larger the tiles, the better, we also need to choose according to the size of the room. If it is a small-sized room and choose a larger tile, it will make people feel that the room is small.   It is recommended that the living room space below 30 square meters, you can choose 450×450mm tiles; the living room space above 30 square meters, you can choose 600×600mm tiles.   For the kitchen and bathroom, the space itself is relatively small, and it is not recommended to use larger tiles; but tiles that are too small (such as mosaic) will form more tile gaps, which is more troublesome to clean. So everyone must choose tiles of moderate size. 3. Choose trustworthy brands. There are many decking tile brands on the market, which are mixed, so the owners are also confused when buying ceramic tiles. Many small brands of ceramic tiles are very cheap, which makes many owners more tempted, but if you choose This kind of tiles may cause a lot of troubles in the future.   Therefore, I still recommend that you choose a trustworthy brand.   teaches you how to buy tiles so that you will not be pitted, so I will introduce it here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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