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Thin ceramic tile is very popular now

by:JIABANG     2020-10-09
Sheet than ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile production low energy consumption, and hardness also can reach the national standard. The thickness of the 3 - Sheet of 6 mm ceramic tile is increasingly popular, the price is twice that of an ordinary ceramic tile or higher now, after ceramic tile has a thin body new products - — Thin ceramic tile. The thickness of the sheet than ordinary decking tile ceramic tile is thinner and lighter, but the hardness, wear resistance, surface gloss and dirt resistance is not discounted. This also makes thin ceramic tile ceramic tile industry is new bestow favor on. In recent years, various ceramic manufacturers continuously introduce new products, whether it is powder, polycrystalline powder line, hole in the stone, stone, or full glazed ceramic and half glazed ceramic, etc. , are products, design and color, glaze surface texture changes, and the appearance of thin ceramic tile product means that the construction technology of deep change. The reporter sees in the fujian dragon ceramic headquarters, the Mona Lisa, new source in the ceramic brands have launched a sheet products. It is understood that the current mainstream ceramic tile products in 10 to 12 mm thickness. Specifications, in general, the smaller the ceramic tile is the thinner, the greater the specifications is relatively more thick, and do the carving, sculpture and other special processing the surface of the ceramic tile will be thicker. And, according to new source ceramics sales staff in ceramic tile plate due to the use of new materials and technology, only a third to a half of ordinary ceramic tile outdoor wood deck tiles body thickness ( At present the most thin can be up to 3 mm, mostly under 6 mm) A lot of light weight, so ceramic tile. As a result, not only the manufacturer of raw materials, fuel, the production, the transportation cost is greatly reduced, and thin ceramic tile also easier for workers to the shop is stuck. The Mona Lisa ceramic tile, according to the sales staff sheet than ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile production low energy consumption, more in line with the principle of low carbon energy saving. Although light, but also can reach the national standard, hardness can meet the needed for daily life. In addition, the thickness is reduced, ceramic tile is very save space, with a five to six square meters of the kitchen, for example, if the shop is stuck sheet ceramic tile, can save a nearly zero. 5 cubic meters of space. Sales staff told reporters that the current sheet the acceptance of the ceramic tile product has yet to be promoted, consumers ask more, buy less. Its reason lies first of all in price, and compared with the ordinary ceramic tile size, specification, the price of ceramic tile plate is often its 2 times or more. Second, the ceramic tile more thick more good ideas still entrenched in consumers mind. The personage inside course of study says, with mature technology, thin ceramic tile quality will be more high, the price will be lower, the ceramic tile plate is expected to spread in the market. S shop guide post after thinner, ultra-thin cutting convenient shop is stuck process outdoor wood deck tiles not cement mortar to the shop is stuck, but with a kind of ceramic tile adhesive as a combination of ceramic tile and attached to the supplementary material. The shop is stuck after the completion of the overall thickness as long as 1. 5 cm and the ordinary ceramic tile floor with cement mortar thickness need to 4 to 5 cm. Some ultrathin ceramic tile ceramic tile cutting don't even need to use ceramic tile cutting machine to cut, only ordinary cutter can cut out, low noise, less dust. Especially with high specification decking tile ceramic tile traditional prone to warping phenomenon, thin ceramic tile has a certain toughness, where there is a cock, when the shop is stuck with the hand gently press. S four big advantage 1 long service life, easy do sheet although slightly weaker than the ordinary ceramic tile surface hardness of ceramic tile, but enough to meet the demand. Its long life, not burning, not absorb or emit sparks. Excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance to make thin ceramic tile is in use process maintenance of low cost, easy to clean. Reduce the burden of wall, ground for sheet more light than ordinary decking tile ceramic tile, so can effectively reduce the load of the shop is stuck metope and ground. Especially for high-rise buildings, makes the stairs is not easy to settlement and deformation. The characteristics of light and thin at the same time can reduce the installation of the parts and labor costs. 3 floor heating effect is good in must use heating floor space, due to the uf thin thin ceramic tile, itself material too thin, so the floor heating effect is better, less energy losses, improve faster space temperature. Some manufacturer production sheet 4 appropriate health places biggest specifications of up to 1800 * 900 mm ceramic tile, it the advantage of large, light and thin simplifies the complicated seam of outdoor wood deck tiles process and grey number, greatly reduce the possibility of a bacteria breeding, can be used in hospitals, bathroom, toilet and other places of various types of health.
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