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There are many types of non-slip tiles, please pay attention to the details when buying

by:JIABANG     2021-05-17
Source: Non-slip decking tile is a kind of ceramic granite floor tiles with wrinkle stripes or bumps on the front to increase the friction between the granite floor tiles surface and the soles of human feet or shoes and prevent slipping and falling. At present, there are many types of non-slip tiles on the market, and the names and names of various floor tiles are not the same. There are roughly the following types: outdoor ceramic tile. Refers to a tile with a glaze layer burnt on the surface of the tile. This kind of brick is roughly divided into two categories: one is fired with clay, this kind of brick has low strength. The water absorption rate is large, and it is not used much in the decoration process at present, and it has almost been eliminated; the other is made of porcelain clay. This kind of outdoor wood deck tiles has high strength, low water absorption and strong anti-fouling performance. The glaze is smooth and the chemical properties are good. At present, it is widely used in residential floor decoration. The difference between the two types of outdoor ceramic tile can also be seen by visual inspection. The back of the bricks fired with clay is red, while the back of the outdoor ceramic tile fired with porcelain clay is white. Whole body bricks. This is a non-glazed porcelain tile with good slip resistance and abrasion resistance. Most of the 'anti-slip bricks' we usually call are full-body bricks. The price of this kind of brick is moderate. It is very popular with everyone. Polished tiles. After the whole body brick is polished, it becomes a polished brick. It is a brick that is one grade higher than the whole body brick. This kind of outdoor wood deck tiles is very hard and very wear-resistant. Vitrified tiles. This is a kind of porcelain brick fired at high temperature. It is a high-grade floor tile with a higher grade than polished tiles. This granite floor tiles is the hardest kind of all tiles. In addition, the mirror reflection effect on the surface of the vitrified brick is very good, therefore, choosing this brick can better express the effect of decoration. The price of this kind of floor tiles is also relatively high, and not many are used in general residential decoration. Wall and floor tiles generally refer to ceramic tiles. It has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, etc. It is most suitable for wet or hygienic spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, there are many types of floor tiles suitable for floor coverings. Common ones include mosaics, high-temperature tiles, over-bottom tiles, clay tiles and so on. Mosaic: The volume of mosaic is the smallest among all kinds of floor tiles, and is generally called a brick. Because of its small area, paved as the floor, it is not easy for people to slip, especially suitable for slippery environment, so it is often used to pave the kitchen, bathroom in the home, or the lobby, swimming pool in public places. In fact, mosaics have a rich selection of materials and colors, and they have great potential for aesthetic creation. As long as they are designed appropriately, they can create good visual effects. High temperature brick: In recent years, the more popular floor tile material is high temperature brick. High temperature tiles are made of high temperature and high pressure, and have higher abrasion resistance than ordinary floor tiles, so they are quite suitable for floor decorations. Generally, the surface of high-temperature bricks is quite smooth, and the good-quality brick surface has been specially treated so that it will not slip easily even if it gets wet with water. Due to the attractiveness of the color and smooth texture of high-temperature bricks, many families have now used them to pave the floor of the living room. In addition to the appearance of high-temperature bricks in kitchens and bathrooms, high-temperature bricks have also begun to appear in halls. Over-bottom tiles: Most floor tiles are composed of glaze and tiles. If the material is poor or worn for a long time, the glaze on the surface will be scratched or peeled off, exposing the underlying tiles and cannot be repaired. Over-the-bottom bricks make up for this shortcoming. This kind of brick is made of the same material as a whole, regardless of the bottom layer or the surface layer. Even if it is scratched and worn, it will not expose another color material, which will affect the appearance; and the wear resistance of this kind of brick is also quite strong. , Suitable for floors with high walking volume, so many people nowadays also use bottom tiles to pave the floor. Over-bottom bricks are available in matte and glossy finishes. Gloss-through tiles are also known as bright-faced bricks. The surface is polished to create a smooth mirror surface with a marble effect. Clay bricks: In addition to the above-mentioned floor tiles, many people who admire the local flavor choose clay bricks (red bricks) with a simple and natural appearance to pave the floor. They are more commonly used in balconies, gardens, and in halls. . Clay tiles are unglazed floor tiles, giving people a simple texture. In addition, crystal lacquer can be added to protect the surface to add a smooth feeling. The floor tiles are moisture-proof and easy to clean, but pay attention to some problems: pay attention to the anti-slip effect of the tiles. Not all tiles can be slipped after being wet. You can try to test yourself with samples; if there are children or elderly people in the home, you need to consider safety issues such as collisions. That's all there is.
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