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The surface of the ceramic tile damaged how repair

by:JIABANG     2020-08-06

we all know, ceramic tile, although it is hard, but it is more delicate decoration materials, so it is very easy to stuttering broke the surface, and it is hard to avoid some small chafing, then you need to know some of the ceramic tile on the surface of the repair methods, how to make a brief introduction of the surface of ceramic tile below repair

1. If the surface of the ceramic tile in a pit, the pit is relatively small, you can try to use marble glue, scraping out adding curing agent, and then use the paint with gray knife, scrape in the pit that, smoothing out, stay is almost dry, use sand paper to grind, generally don't see the little hole.

2。 If it were hard hit there is an obvious cracks, can use the cover first outdoor ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile paste very demanding users use ceramic tile creams do fill in the seam an agent, it can produce the visual effect and almost uniformly on the surface of the outdoor ceramic tile is bright and clean, and there are many color optional, hard wear-resisting, so can also be used to repair the obvious crack, have the effect of decoration and hide the original cracks.

3。 This method, the above is a small crack, that is, the scope of the repairable if is too deep cracks, is no longer recommended fixes, but suggest directly replace the old outdoor wood deck tiles, be careful cut brick, Suggestions, please professional workers, and then stick a piece of outdoor wood deck tiles of the same, so that the best effect.

4。 But these are only the remedy of ceramic tile, still need to pay more attention at ordinary times can avoid maintenance, maintenance of ceramic tile, grab from the source. Response in domestic outfit for caulking processing of ceramic tile aperture, the seam an agent is good caulking material, it not only can increase the beautiful degrees, can be waterproof, moistureproof, impermeability, don't be stained with dirt, real let outdoor ceramic tile seam never dirty black, all maintenance will be a lot easier, can also reduce the possibility of go awry on the surface of the ceramic tile.

this is current on the surface of ceramic tile to repair some of the related content are introduced, do you feel well? If you feel this article have a lot of help to you, welcome to continue to focus on the website! Finally thank you for watching!

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