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The sitting room with marble tile or natural marble?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-17
< / p> < p> a lot of people like the simple sense of natural marble, natural marble has certain drawbacks, however, marble tile is produced in this case, then compared with the natural marble, marble tiles what are the advantages? Below small make up to you to introduce the difference between the marble tiles and natural marble. < / p> < p> marble is a natural, were developed and used as building decoration materials, belong to the hardness of stone material, has good strength, service life time is longer than ceramic tile, marble stone hardness is not high, however, on the one hand, this is good for cutting processing, on the other hand also so than daily use of strong wear resistant outdoor ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile is not suitable for used as a sitting room adornment. < / p> < p> marble has an obvious drawback, is easy to weathering, and so is not suitable for the shop is stuck in the outdoor. Relatively speaking, the different types of ceramic tile, in order to meet the demand of different decoration and constantly improve production technology, and classify, if there is specially used for exterior wall brick external wall brick, have strong wear-resisting floor tile, also have adornment effect of high-grade fashion. < / p> < p> tile five advantages: easy cleaning, maintenance is simple, not easy to hide the dirt, no air pollutants; Service life is long, can use normally 10-20 years; Fire prevention, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance is good; Environmental protection; Modelling is rich. Advantages in detail: if you want to enough convenient, and the choice of the floor tile. Literally in which building materials market, there are different sizes, colors and various patterns of floor tile. With a piece of a piece of floor tile can spell out a vision of family life. And floor tile do rise very convenient, scan, brush a brush can very clean. Floor tile don't have to worry about scratches wet by water or by hard objects. < / p> < p>
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