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The sitting room with ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-15
The whole decoration of the house belongs to the sitting room is the most important, the sitting room decorate good or bad will affect the whole family decorate effect, a good ceramic tile can improve the level of whole sitting room living room. The sitting room of ceramic tile on the market a lot of more phyletic, the quality is uneven, the sitting room with ceramic tile? Below we together to see what kind of ceramic tile, sitting room, and what are the classification of ceramic tile. One, the ceramic tile with what one sitting room, polishing brick, polishing brick is a kind of body brick, connect body to the surface of the tile body is polished and become a kind of shining outdoor wood deck tiles. Polishing brick appearance bright and clean, bright, hard wear-resisting, no color difference, resistance to bending strength, prevent slippery, very suitable for the sitting room ground shop, polishing brick is easy dirty, however, when cleaning the more troublesome. 2, glazed ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tiles and glazed pottery, is fired brick after glazing on the surface of high temperature and high pressure processing of ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tiles by soil is composed of the embryo and the glaze. All glazed ceramic tile of bright colors, rich texture, glazed tile seepage prevention corrupt easy to clean, also is a kind of ceramic tile, the sitting room ground commonly used but its wear resistance is poorer, but can meet family use. 3, bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is made of quartz sand, mud according to certain proportion in the high temperature burn becomes, polished bright, bright as a mirror surface, the hardness is equivalent to the glass. Bo changes a brick adornment effect is good, bright and clean, bo changes a brick water absorption and edge straight degree, bending strength, acid-proof alkaline etc performance are better than ordinary glazed tile and polished tile, also suitable for the living room granite floor tiles shop is stuck, but bo changes a brick is not able to bear or endure dirty, clean the inconvenience. Second, what are the classification of ceramic tile 1, according to utility cent: exterior wall tiles, wall brick and floor tile, square brick, brick industry, lumbar line brick, etc. 2, according to the production process: polishing brick, tile, brick spots, crystal brick, glazed tile, etc. 3, according to the varieties: polishing brick, and archaize brick, tile, glazed ceramic, crystal throwing bricks, microcrystalline, split brick, square brick, etc. 4, according to the material points: glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, etc. 5, according to the decoration process points: glazed brick, unglazed, split brick, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, color tile, the archaize brick, ceramic Mosaic, etc. 6, according to the water absorption points: ceramic brick> 10% or greater standard quality fine brick> 6% or greater standard quality> 3% or greater standard porcelain> 0. 5% or greater porcelain tiles. 7, according to the glazing: glazed brick, no glazed brick. 8, according to the forming points: dry pressing molding brick, brick, plastic extrusion molding. 9, according to the burning ingredients: oxidizing quotiety of ceramic tile, ceramic tile. Article summary: what about the sitting room with decking tile, ceramic tile classification of what is to be here to share, I hope to be of help. You want to learn more about the knowledge of ceramic tile, can continue to pay attention to our website.
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