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The paste of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-07

when it comes to choose ceramic tile, must have a lot of friends have their own a set, but if say the paste of ceramic tile, how many friends know the specific process? After all ceramic tile is a technical work, so this small make up is simple to explain, I hope it can help you.

1。 of the first to do the first thing to keep in mind, is always at the grass-roots level processing, can first gray metope with bread, and using the grass-roots plaster mortar, rub hair surface treatment, and maintenance to a certain intensity.

2。 In order to can make outdoor wood deck tiles position more accurate, so be sure to sign, in after the completion of the basic level processing should be line brick, find out the reference line and the line of control, it is one of the important steps to control the quality of ceramic tile paste.

3。 Before making the paste of ceramic tile to tile immersed outdoor wood deck tiles processing, dip to dry after outdoor wood deck tiles standby; Soak brick purpose is to prevent ceramic tile is too dry, a large number of moisture adsorption mortar, mortar strength growing up.

4。 These work can only be called preparation work, and after completion of the preparations for ceramic tile can paste, first choose specification color is more close to the ceramic tile, in the same area construction; General use 1:1 mortar paste, can be used in mortar mixed with certain building glue, enhance adhesion; Between brick and tile, use the card to control the aperture size, ceramic tile mortar to smear evenly on the back, with a rubber mallet shot.

5。 After do this step yet, actually also to finish, finally can choose appropriate color of jointing agent for jointing processing, clean of outdoor ceramic tile surface after jointing, so ceramic tile paste is completed.

this is the current of the paste of ceramic tile demonstrated, some related techniques are helpful to you? Want to know more information welcome to continue to focus on website!

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