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The needs and advantages of polished tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-05
With the continuous improvement of the production technology level, the quality of my country's polished tiles is in the forefront of the world, and the quality is at the international advanced level. The national standard is higher than the European standard, and the parameters such as surface flatness, edge straightness, right angle and abrasion resistance are more than 2 times higher than the European standard. The technical requirements are higher than those of foreign small-size tiles. In seamless splicing, the requirements for tile size accuracy are also higher, and the quality is better. Polished tiles account for a large share of exports. However, large-size ceramic tiles are affected by the environment, strength, and damage rate, and there will be no greater development. In order to make changes, ceramic companies have made great efforts in science and technology to improve the performance of polished tiles, so that polished tiles have breakthrough innovations. But when it comes to ceramic tiles, it is generally difficult to relate to art. It is just a piece of brick that is laid on the ground. In fact, it is this piece of outdoor wood deck tiles that shows the taste and style of the home through the infiltration of bits and pieces of art. The popularity of ceramic tiles this spring is more closely related to art. In general, the design trend is that the classic colors and patterns that are derived from nature, noble texture, and timeless are the most popular. These artistic tiles represent the first Italian and Spanish tiles. Advantages of polished tiles: 1. Advantage 1: No radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral, not sintered at high temperature, so it contains a few trace radioactive elements, long-term exposure will be harmful to the human body; polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body; 2. Advantage 2: Basically controllable and no color difference: Natural stone has a large color difference due to the diagenesis time and rock depth. The polished tiles are carefully adjusted, the same batch of products have the same color, and basically no color difference; 3. Advantage 3: High bending strength: natural stone Due to natural formation, the material time, weathering, etc. are not the same, resulting in different tightness and strength; the polished tiles are pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and then sintered at a high temperature above 1200 ℃, and the strength is high; 4. Advantage 4: The brick body is thin, Light weight: Natural stone has a large thickness and heavy processing due to its low strength, which increases the load weight of the building on the floor, posing a potential threat, rising costs, and increasing difficulties in transportation and paving. 5. Advantage 5: Anti-slip: safe anti-slip of floor tiles is very important, especially for families with elderly and children, the anti-slip effect of tiles is more important. The surface of polished tiles is bright and clean. Many consumers think that its anti-slip effect is poor. In case of sprinkling water, it will increase the safety hazard, so they can avoid it and choose the 'introverted' matte tile. In fact, all polished tiles are non-slip. If there is soil on the tiles, it will be slippery, and water will be astringent. Therefore, as long as the daily cleaning is done, the anti-slip effect will not be affected. In terms of non-slip performance, polished tiles are the same as matt tiles.
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