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The market is hot or attracts ceramic enterprises to swarm up

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15
Source: 'Imitation stone products produced by the full polished glaze process will still be the mainstream of antique products in the Pan Gaoan production area in the past five years.'    Like the general manager of marketing, he has struggled for many years in the wave of low prices and homogenization. It seems that the head of marketing in the production area has finally found a weapon to open up the market through marble-like tile products.  According to statistics, among the products produced by Gaoan's new production line this year, marble-like tiles accounted for half of the total output.   Marketing general manager said that among the products produced in Gao'an production area with full polished glaze technology, imitation marble products account for 70%-80% of the market. Among them, Taiyang Ceramics, Jinniu Ceramics, and Xinjing Ceramics are the leaders in the production of marble tiles in the Gaoan production area; and after Tianrui Ceramics and Mingrui Ceramics have intermittently produced the products for a period of time, they are optimistic about the market prospects of marble tiles this year. It has been adjusted to the entire production line; while Jin Proview Ceramics intends to change the line to produce imitation stone products on August 20 this year. Among them, marble tiles will account for 30%-50% of the production capacity; Putin Ceramics has carried out the transformation of the old line in June this year After the transformation, the productivity of marble tiles was increased; after the general manager of ceramics took over the brand marketing, he took the marble tiles mainly made of full glazed glaze technology as the flagship product, which became the starting point for the company to start again. 'The market sales of marble tiles are rising steadily.' The sole leader in the Pan-Gaoan production area, He Meixiu, the marketing general manager of Jin Weiguan Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that the full glazed process is currently the best process for producing marble tiles. Go up the wall and go down to the ground. Moreover, the texture and color of marble tiles are comparable to those of natural marble, without radiation, and with high cost performance advantages, which are widely loved by consumers.   In her opinion, although the Pan-Gaoan production area is eager to catch up again, because the vitality of the product is not to be underestimated, there will not be a price fight for the time being. The key is to do a good job in quality and do a good job in product research and development.
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