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The manufacturing process of polished tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-06
1. The main process flow: raw materials-ingredients-sieving to remove iron-spray drying-storage-pressing-drying-firing-polishing-grading packaging-warehousing 1. : Multi-printing-leaching aid process. 2. For granular bricks: more granulation-mixing process. 3. For micro-powder stone: more micro-powder grinding-secondary cloth process. 4. For Symphony Bricks: The main stone press uses a multi-tube quantitative distribution system. (2) Process analysis: 1. Raw materials: chemical composition, whiteness after burning, whether the supply is sufficient, whether the mineral deposits are stable, whether the transportation is convenient, homogenization, crushing, and iron removal. 2. Ingredients: raw material moisture, ingredient accuracy. 3. Ball milling: slurry fineness, moisture and viscosity. 4. Iron removal by sieving: organic matter, over-coarse matter, free iron. 5. Spray drying: powder moisture, powder gradation, powder structure. 6. Storage: water homogenization and organic fermentation to ensure the quality of pressed bricks. 7. Pressing: press pressure, mold structure, punching times, uniformity of cloth. 8. Drying: remove moisture, prevent bursting, and ensure the strength of the dried body. 9. Printing: fix the pattern and design the formula of the bleeding glaze. 10. Penetration aid: to ensure the depth of penetration. 11. Firing: Through a series of physical and chemical reactions, the outdoor wood deck tiles will form a liquid phase at high temperature, and finally form a glass phase, a crystal phase, and a gas phase. A reasonable formula and a reasonable firing system ensure the formation of dense and hard porcelain tiles. Foundation. 12. Polishing: The surface of the brick is bright and clean, involving the processes of leveling, rough polishing, fine polishing, edging, application of antifouling agent, waxing, and filming. 13. Classified inspection, packaging and storage.
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