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The kitchen toilet is ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-09-02

said to decorate the most trouble where is the toilet and kitchen, because of the use of local particularity, so a lot of people have said this place of ceramic tile is not generally can be competent for the outdoor ceramic tile, so the choice of these two places is decorated with ceramic tile when all depends on what? Along with the below small make up to look at!

1。 : the size of the ceramic tile in the bathroom decorate, general is to stick full range wall are ok, we will tell from the visual psychology, little space if you are using large geometric pattern of decoration can appear space more narrow, so the ceramic tile of toilet to buy not too big. In general, 20 centimeters of ceramic tile is most appropriate.

2。 Neat degree also wants even, at the time of tile, don't let the noise of crack a big small. At the same time, the ceramic tile to listen voice whether knock is ringing, the sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. Lustre of ceramic tile is can bring bright visual for the space, but is often wash gargle water in place between wei yu, slide easily lead to slide to the ceramic tile. So must consider when buying ceramic tile ceramic tile of smoothness, rough texture of ceramic tile is not are of poor quality.

3。 The color of ceramic tile also should pay attention to: between wei yu is decorated mainly with simple decoration style is given priority to, should try to design the fresh color, on colour bring pure and fresh and comfortable visual sense, increase the open feeling of the space. So between wei yu want to make small and pure and fresh style, the color of ceramic tile choice should be given priority to with light color or blue and green.

4。 Bibulous rate is lower general requirements: high quality ceramic tile, bibulous rate is low, can quickly dry. If ceramic tile not indicate the bibulous rate, can use a tea or water droplets in the back of the outdoor ceramic tile, minutes after inspecting the diffusion degree drops, the less water absorption, it indicates that the bibulous rate is low, the quality is better. Especially in the kitchen and toilet these water vapor large place, if you don't have the properties of outdoor ceramic tile can cause a lot of trouble!

this is the current related matters needing attention about the kitchen ceramic tile of toilet, if you want to know more items related to the decoration, can be in our website for related queries, finally thank you for viewing this site!

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