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The kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method, rounding

by:JIABANG     2020-09-01

many families though when decorate most will choose wood floor, but in the kitchen and toilet area, are still choose ceramic tile. But the kitchen is the easily wet, dirty place in the home, so on ceramic tile of choose and buy, there must be also request. So what are the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method?

skid resistance because the kitchen is one of the most simple wet space of household environment, so inevitably on the kitchen floor is wet. In the face of such situation, non-slip has become the most concern. Therefore, ceramic tile decoration note one of the items is to note the skid resistance of ceramic tile.

inferior smooth ceramic tile

the shop is stuck inferior smooth ceramic tile is good choose. Inferior smooth ceramic tile is the most accord with all outdoor ceramic tile ceramic tile kitchen non-slip request. In general, the abrasion resistance and skid resistance of body brick is the best. Not only body brick not glaze, and quality of a material is very strong, very suitable use in the kitchen.

moisture resistance

the vast majority of people chooses ceramic tile to save trouble, so are generally wall outdoor wood deck tiles and granite floor tiles mixed use. Belongs to the ceramic product originally, wall brick, floor tile is porcelain goods, physical properties of the two are completely different.

moistureproof and want to know, ceramic tile, bibulous rate is about 10%, and the bibulous rate of porcelain tiles is only 0. 5%. Just as a result of granite floor tiles bibulous rate is low so appropriate laying on the ground. And wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, and the back is rough, it is suitable for adhesive for the shop is stuck on the wall. cannot stick tightly on the wall, the wall outdoor wood deck tiles shop is stuck on the ground because of the meeting is bibulous too much and not easy to clean.

with kitchen and toilet water vapor is bigger, so wall brick to pay more attention to moistureproof. Also just because of this, the ceramic tile decorated advertent items in the kitchen can't mixture of wall brick and floor tile, it is necessary to choose the moistureproof effect best glazed tile.

easy cleaning

the kitchen is heaviest oil pollution in the home, often need to be cleaned. Therefore, the kitchen needs convenient shop is stuck cleaning up ceramic tile. Like glazed pottery, connect body brick can be used in the kitchen.

what are the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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