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The kitchen ceramic tile map

by:JIABANG     2020-08-31

the kitchen is a important place in the home, is an important place, provide cooking cooking in the kitchen decorate, especially in the tile to the kitchen, where have to pay attention to? This small make up is simple to talk about some of the things the kitchen outdoor ceramic tile shop is stuck, hope can help to you!

1。 Tile types have a lot of demand, not all is fit for posted on the kitchen ceramic tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles generally posted on the wall, at the same time, guarantee the shop is stuck firm surface better wash and scrub resistance, but don't have to consider the non-slip, glazed surface, more beautiful, also better swab. Suggested that selection and form a complete set of granite floor tiles of wall outdoor wood deck tiles. Such integrity would be much better and more able to bear or endure look!

2。 The color of the kitchen tile ceramic tile has exquisite, as usual in the kitchen cooking, stew, etc. , the temperature is higher, so the kitchen ceramic tile color had better choose light color in the cold tonal color, such as white, light green, light gray, and so on. And person easy to feel boring to cook in the kitchen, the ceramic tile of light color can make a person feel the space expansion, and are less likely to feel depressed, mood so that the cooking talent will be more open! ( The kitchen ceramic tile map)

3。 The antiskid of ceramic tile also should pay attention to, because the kitchen and toilet are more slippery, so increase skid resistance is very important, especially when there are old people and children in the home, have the imitation of natural rock AoTuGan inferior smooth outdoor wood deck tiles, skid resistance, suitable for humid environment, the kitchen toilet is outdoor ceramic tile that use a waist will enhance ornamental collocation, waist line design and the color of outdoor ceramic tile wants to coordinate, usually in the waist line and the ceramic tile in the bathroom with simple but elegant design is preferred.

in simple terms, to pay attention to these matters in the kitchen is essential, if you did not get enough to understand a word before decorate, in decorating a completed before it is too late to regret! can basically determine your decoration quality of high and low! So more about these knowledge is crucial. Finally thank you for watching!

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