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The hall of ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27

a house is in a prominent place in the sitting room, the result is a large area, and secondly is the guests came in first sight is a sitting room, so if the sitting room decorate appropriately for your house has a pretty big sublimation, this small make up just to introduce the related knowledge of decking tile hall, the hope can help to you! ( The hall of ceramic tile)

1。 Hall tile type selection, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is preferred, because its the compactness and surface smoothness is very high, so use bo changes a brick as the sitting room granite floor tiles's majority owner, use the bo changes a brick of the sitting room is not only bright, the floor tile glaze surface also won't because of the collision force and friction damage phenomenon. In general is more economical, and durable resistance to failure.

2。 Of course if you want the feeling of warmth, natural can choose archaize brick. Some owners like bo changes a brick is not only because it is wear-resisting and bright, also because bo changes a brick is easier to maintain, don't look old. Some owners like archaize brick, because it is color colorful, can show the owner's personality, but is not so easy to maintain. In general to choose what kind of granite floor tiles according to their own preferences and the decoration style of the sitting room. But as for the price is more expensive.

3。 Hall is the color of ceramic tile also is to have cultured, the sitting room choose the floor brick stone or dark blue gray, can appear very special, have contemporary feeling at the same time, it looks very natural. Use the floor tile of light cream and yellow brown adjustable design give a person a kind of elegant and noble feeling, these two colors can create special atmosphere for the sitting room, also can create endless changes. Light color, white and grey tile for contracted style, so the ground adornment that cool color moves more can highlight the characteristics, increase indoor soft feeling. But the best is not too gaudy, no more than 3 color of ceramic tile.

this is the current some considerations about the hall, ceramic tile, want to know more about ceramic tile content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the ceramic tile of the most authoritative message! The next issue we goodbye! ( The hall of ceramic tile)

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