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The feeling of kitchen ceramic tile is how to put up a senior

by:JIABANG     2020-09-01

as we all know, indoor ceramic tile more troublesome two places is in decorating the kitchen and bathroom, because the two places are particularly easy to shelter evil people and practices, so if you choose the ceramic tile is the kind of type is easy to dirty words are difficult to maintain its clean state, this small make up to make a brief introduction of kitchen outdoor ceramic tile to stick up have what skill, I hope it can help you! ( The kitchen ceramic tile is stuck)

1。 First before give the kitchen outdoor ceramic tile, be sure to do basic level processing, old buildings on the surface to deal with clean, clean up the original construction surface dirt, and process the surface by hand carved into MAO metope.

2。 Before the shop is stuck ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile should be immersed in full, in order to make sure the shop is stuck firm, also can let your ceramic tile more durable.

3。 Products before the shop is stuck, please according to the above method of laying in the yard stick product roll out a set of all observed every 10 square metre, if you have clear off color, please contact us immediately cease use and distribution of the unit.

4。 Before the shop is stuck application of cement mortar floor or wall, and according to the size of brick row good line, the line that need to be reserved for 3 to 5 mm when ash seam, to prevent dung do not agree with bricky system expansion coefficient and lead to adverse consequences.

5。 Recommend the use of cement or the mixture of cement and tile adhesives to make after the shop is stuck, at the right time can use ceramic tile adhesive increased viscosity, note that before the shop is stuck not will wet brick.

6。 Shop is stuck on the ground, it is best to the metope of the line and row after screeding or ground distance to a certain height to pull two mutually perpendicular level, with level a level.

7。 Finally, you can take the right amount of mucilage in the corner, quasi flat until about 1 cm thick is set for the first piece of outdoor wood deck tiles tile on the mucilage, a wooden hammer knock gently to cement and ensure the brick surface and edge and pull on an equal or vertical position, the rest of the brick, in turn, the shop is stuck until complete; Mucilage is a bit dry, use wood Xie or fine sand in the brick surface clean pulp and surface.

these are ready after don't too early, to do the cleanup, such as if the mortar stick on it for a long time it will be hard to clean up, so to clean up in time to say! That's all for this issue, would like to know more information, welcome to continue to focus on related content website! Finally thank you for watching!

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