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The details that should be paid attention to when the interior wall tiles are pasted

by:JIABANG     2021-06-21
According to interior wall tile sellers, many people now choose a mosaic form of interior wall tiles in order to increase the decorative effect of interior wall tiles. However, when paving this kind of interior wall tiles, there are four details that need everyone to pay attention to. 1. Before parquet paving, the parquet surface should be placed upright against the wall, and the four corners should be cushioned with foam to prevent the sharp corners from being damaged. It is strictly forbidden to lean against heavy objects on the surface. At the same time, pay attention to the application of high-cohesive cement or tile adhesive when paving. 2. If the base layer is not level, it should be leveled with cement first, and the thickness of the whole patch should be reserved. The thickness of the adhesive is 3-5 mm. It is strictly forbidden to pave directly on the uneven base surface. And the base surface should be free of loose objects, oil stains, and the surface should be firm, smooth and clean. 3. Wet paste is required when laying the whole parquet. If the surrounding whole bricks are dry paste, the base layer of parquet size must be adjusted first. And the whole flower can be laid together with the surrounding whole bricks at the same time to facilitate the flatness of the flower and the whole outdoor wood deck tiles. 4. Use a sawtooth mud board to adjust the thickness and then pave it to keep it flat and without hollow drums. For fine-tuning and leveling, be careful to tap a few times in the middle with a rubber mallet, and then make adjustments on the side.
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