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The correct use of ceramic tile putty?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-30

at the time of tile, always want to use putty, if not used on the wall putty, will decorate effect has a great influence on the whole, so generally speaking this is decorated with putty has what effect, and how to use? Small make up in this issue is to simply say the be bored with child the proper use of position and use ceramic tile, hope can help to you!

the correct way of using the outdoor ceramic tile putty

1. On wall body as a whole have beautification effect

when give owner decorate, a lot of times is not only to brush the wall smooth accomplishment, also requires a smooth and delicate. Special part of the paint on the smoothness of metope even more demanding. To improve the smoothness, for improving the performance of the putty at the grass-roots level. So in this respect can fully embody the great effect to the ceramic tile putty!

2。 To prevent the occurrence of cracks after ceramic tile to stick a

general tile will meet a more pressing problem, the metope after finishing ceramic tile will appear the crack phenomenon, often caused by the shrinkage of cement surface crack, forms the tortoise back, therefore calls & other; Turtle crack & throughout; Often caused a coating of shell turtle crack, fall off, and even cause water seepage metope. Putty layer, therefore, the crack resistance, thermal fatigue is one of the important indicators, quality of putty is putty manufacturers of technology research and development center of gravity.

3。 To wall filled

tile and wall is the most important level, in order to achieve this effect, and there was a pretty big role, be bored with child filling ability is a basic function of the putty. In the construction of uneven situation everywhere. For example, on the surface of the cement mortar uneven, partial metope uneven, or ceiling in light waves of ups and downs, affect the structure of the beautiful.

about, the role of the ceramic tile putty is these! If you would like to know more related content, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the most authoritative decorates newsletter, will decorate to you play a considerable role! Finally thank you for watching!

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