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The advantages and disadvantages of diamond tile analysis

by:JIABANG     2020-09-28
As is known to all, decorate in the family, in the process of ceramic tile is a very important building material. And the type, brand and color of ceramic tile also has a lot of kinds, so consumer is when the choose and buy often feel confused. Diamond tiles have great competitive in the market, and get a lot of consumer's consistent high praise. But for decorate a novice, may not know much about the advantages and disadvantages of diamond tile. But don't worry, let me explain diamond tile related knowledge for everybody! What is a diamond of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the upgrade version of glazed tile, it is secondary to burn super chip technology products, compared with the traditional glazed pottery, it is soft, so I can make more smooth glaze. Compared with super smooth glaze single glazing, diamond using secondary burning super chip technology and secondary glazing process, the glaze layer thicker hair color more even, the surface color is more smooth, more natural transition, thus, the design and color is more beautiful. The advantages and disadvantages of diamond and the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic tile ceramic tile - Advantages of a. Its wearability. Adopt unique ds crystallization glaze glazing process for many times, it will glaze layer than ordinary glaze layer thicker, more wear-resisting, ordinary also is not afraid of scratching and wear away during use. b。 Its brightness. Compared with other materials of decking tile, the surface brightness above 103 a year, just like the mirror flat light, and it also can make the bedroom appears more capacious and bright, improve the grade of household decorates. c。 Its fouling resistance. Effectively reduce stain stick on the surface, it USES 360 seal glair technology, so that we can achieve 360 - degree comprehensive pollution resistance, especially to eliminate the phenomenon of product pollution and used again for a long time, still charm. d。 Its adornment sex is good. Can present a perfect mirror effect, like a diamond glittering and moving, can give a person a kind of noble sense of luxury, and it is completely put an end to the production of water ripple, make ceramic tile is harder and more flat. The advantages and disadvantages of diamond tile - Disadvantages of this kind of material ceramic tile is not common in use, fewer nowadays domestic manufacturers, and visibility is not in the market. If the glaze thickness to compare, the diamond glazed decking tile to maintain if the surface is stained with besmirch, we had better be to immediately remove stains, or after a long time will easily form a stubborn stains, difficult to remove. If there is a slight scratch on the surface, that we can use to deal with its, the toothpaste toothpaste into scratches all around, over and over again with a clean cloth to wipe again can. Edit summary: believe everyone read the above introduction, should be on the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile of diamond also had certain understanding. Suggest you buy diamond tiles at the same time, more to shop around in the market. If ceramic tile is brought home, choose well-known manufacturers of diamond ceramic tile products. Because of these well-known manufacturers of diamond tile technology mature, high market acceptance, use rise also more at ease.
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