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The advantage of ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-03-29
< / p> < p> the advantage of outdoor ceramic tile? < / p> < p> environmental protection: the environmental protection raw material production, product does not contain heavy metals, there was no shot put, don't release harmful gases, gold floor tile floor tile belongs to the real environmental protection health. Abrasion scrape resistance: the surface wear-resisting layer through special processing, better wear resistance; Than other ground material wear-resisting of up to 2. More than 5 times. Floor tile with super wear resistance, suitable for foot traffic department stores, supermarkets, etc. Super fight: semi-rigid material has good elasticity, fast response under the impact of the heavy sag, it is not easy to damage. Prevent slippery, wear-resisting layer on the surface of the special of skid resistance, can significantly prevent slippery hurt, gold floor tile in the case of glue water waste more acerbity feeling, have special skid resistance, particularly in the security requirements of high public < / p> < p> places such as airports, hospitals, schools and other places. < / p> < p> waterproof: is there a good waterproof performance. < / p> < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p> < p> sound-absorbing: compared to other ground material sound-absorbing effect better, sound-absorbing of 20 decibels, need a quiet environment such as the hospital ward, school, library, hall choose gold floor tile in areas such as the ideal. Antibacterial: surface after the special craft processing, can prevent bacteria growth and hidden, to ensure sanitation. Stitching design: use generally can be arbitrary cutting knife, flexible pattern of design and color matching different combination, to achieve the ideal decorative effect. < / p> < p> variety: a variety of design and color, have woven carpet, marble, wood grain, grain, etc. , and can be customized design and color, realize the personalized style. All sorts of design patterns is clear and beautiful, with a rich and colorful decoration, elegant adornment effect more beautiful. Simple: surface through special processing, good waterproof and fouling resistance, not easy to permeate, use normal wet mop to clean up. Gold in response to the international community to protect nature and reduce the loss of natural resources, is committed to developing 'green environmental protection, natural health' a new type of decorative materials. In addition to gold floor tile products, self development 'caijing wenqi board'. With laser printing technology, pattern texture is clear, rich layers; Special treatment on the surface, which can effectively prevent mold growth and superior antifouling performance, make household dazzling brilliance. < / p> < p =“文本-风格 对齐:左; '> gold 'caijing wenqi board' broad scope, in addition to the indoor and outdoor walls, office desktop, furniture, cabinets, ark and door, etc all can use. 'Caijing wenqi board' UV coating process on the surface, the purchase and use, simple and convenient construction, without using conventional plate on the surface still need to render, sanding, primer, paint, and many other tasks and waiting for dry smell send out of trouble, gold brick tiles for fame. < / p> < p>
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