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The 5 most common types of ceramic tile performance characteristics

by:JIABANG     2020-10-07
is the most common ground in our decoration materials, various types of ceramic tile on the market, that there are several kinds of ceramic tile? Many consumers will want to know before the choose and buy. Today we will through the following related content, take a look at there are several kinds of ceramic tile! ! ! ! There are several kinds of ceramic tile - — Glazed tile glazed pottery is really well understood literally, ceramic tile surface after burning glaze processing, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, compared to color more rich color, and the fouling resistance is good, because of the glazed tile surface treated with glazing, so not very wear-resisting. From raw material choice, is divided into clay and China clay two kinds of products, from the glossiness, can be divided into two categories, matte and light, the light glazed pottery is suitable for kitchen space more generally. There are several kinds of ceramic tile - — That brick of polishing brick polish is the brick that the polishing processing, on the basis of the surface is smooth, at heart also belong to the brick products. But compared with the brick, ceramic tile surface more smooth, and high hardness, good abrasion resistance, but prevent slippery effect is not good, does not apply to hutch defends a space, other space is widely used in household. In the process of production, but also through penetration technology, make ceramic tile surface of stone, wood adornment effect. There are several kinds of ceramic tile - — Bo changes a brick bo changes a brick from the simple understanding between words, can be concluded that this kind of decking tile is as hard as glass, in fact exactly the bo changes a brick for this feature. Through the quartz sand and mud as raw materials, according to the scale production of fire, after grinding processing of ceramic tile products. Bo changes a brick in the aspect of water far compared to other ceramic tile, appearance appear a smooth as glass. But bo changes a brick is not resistant to stains, dirt easily penetrate inside ceramic tile, is not convenient to clean. There are several kinds of ceramic tile - — Mosaic Mosaic brick area is lesser, give a person a kind of more nostalgic flavor, can be combined by change to wall ground is decorated, optional collocation such as abstract painting pattern or gradients of jumping, of course, also can serve as the ornament adornment. More suitable for toilet area is lesser, at the corner room also can shop is stuck, metope more smooth curve. There are several kinds of ceramic tile - — Archaize brick archaize brick as the name suggests is a kind of design and color of the ceramic tile of restoring ancient ways, with a sense of classic lasting appeal to attract the attention of consumers. Through the change of colour and design, to build a kind of nostalgic feelings, this kind of design and color of design of ceramic tile is very rich, complete in size. More applicable to the American, rural style case, with the passage of time, the colour and lustre of archaize brick will be more bright, service life long. About there are several kinds of decking tile, small make up temporarily is introduced here, hope to help you. If you want to learn more knowledge of ceramic tile, can focus on this web site information, more wonderful content waiting for you.
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