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Terrazzo tile in where?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-12
< p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; 文本- - - - - - align:中心; “> < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> 1. Terrazzo tile surface through special processing, so the surface dusting, wear-resisting scraping resistance, long service life. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> 2. Second, mirror effect is very good, it's like natural stone material surface luster, luminosity can reach more than 105 degrees. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> 3. Very good maintenance, saving the late cleaning and maintenance cost, only needs to use at ordinary times the electrostatic dust collection push dust, clean with neutral detergent terrazzo surface on a regular basis. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> 4. With high cleanliness, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, no peculiar smell the advantages of no pollution, so now use frequency is higher and higher. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> 5. Horizontal flat vertical surface colour and lustre is gorgeous, design, connection is close-grained without aperture, as a whole is very beautiful. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; 文本- - - - - - align:中心; “> < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> terrazzo tile is the surface of it after processing has a bright surface, and its prevent slippery effect is also more outdoor ceramic tile is good. Terrazzo floor tile has a hard surface, it can be said that it has a poor compared with the hardness of granite ceramic tile is not up and down, and this kind of product its wear resistance is good. Terrazzo floor tile design and color also is a kind of abundant, match is also free. It is not in general will not be slotted phenomenon, and it is also this product does not produce dust, if use outdoor ceramic tile in the sitting room to the whole person looks is cleaner. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:3他们; '> < / p>
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