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Teach you to reduce the wastage of tiled floors without wasting money

by:JIABANG     2021-06-03
In the process of modern tile laying, I believe that many decorators will encounter the problem of loss. In fact, loss is inevitable. However, the owner needs to distinguish whether this loss is normal or malicious. The greater the loss, the greater the loss of the owner. If you want to reduce the abnormal loss, you must start with the entire process of laying tiles. Below we will teach you: how to reduce the loss of tile flooring and the matching skills of tile flooring. How to reduce the tile floor: 1. Accept normal loss. In the process of paving tiles and floors, loss is inevitable. Huang Xiangling explained that since the size of the room does not necessarily match the size of the tiles, it is necessary to cut the tiles. If the cut tiles cannot be used, it will cause loss. According to reports, generally speaking, the overall loss rate of ceramic tiles is normal between 5% and 10%. 'The owner must first objectively accept the concept of normal wear and tear, because it is inevitable for construction.' Normal wear and tear is caused by the following reasons: the house space and the size of the tiles do not match. In addition, the larger the size of the decking tile used, the greater the loss. If it is 800×800 mm, 1200×1200 mm tiles, the loss of the cut tiles is even greater, and the loss is far more than 10%. 2. Pay attention to abnormal loss. Abnormal loss also exists in the actual process. According to experts, the abnormal loss of tiles is mainly caused by improper purchase and construction. It is understood that if the quality of the ceramic tiles is poor, the possibility of damage during construction will be high, and the loss will inevitably be large; and the customer cannot accept that the color difference of the tiles is too large, and the workers will take the tiles with large color difference, unevenness and warping during pre-laying. If it is a product that cannot be returned or exchanged at a “low price”, “this kind of loss is very alarming.” During the construction operation, such as accidentally breaking the tiles during paving, even if it is caused by unskilled workers, if 100 If there are more than 2 broken pieces in a tile, it is considered to be malicious loss. 3. Whole-process monitoring to reduce loss Experts suggest that to reduce the loss of tiles and floors, it must be grasped from the entire process. As far as ceramic tiles are concerned, it is best for consumers to purchase qualified products and agree on replacement conditions with the merchant, such as whether they can be refilled, returned, replaced, claim conditions and responsibilities, etc. Once there is a problem, they also know how to deal with it; It should also be considered. For an ordinary room of 10-30 square meters, 600×600 mm tiles are generally fine. You don't need to choose too large tiles, otherwise the loss will be greater. In order to avoid tile wear, work has to be supervised. 'Once you find that workers cut the tiles and throw them aside, or break them, you have to ask them clearly to prevent workers from wasting at will.' Tile floor matching skills: 1. The deep tone floor has strong expressive power and often gives people a high-end atmosphere. I feel that the color of the furniture that is generally matched is also darker. Choosing beige for the walls will complement the floor. Matching white walls and dark floors will make the floor look darker. If the wall is beige with the same warm color, the color contrast is small, and the space will appear large. 2. The dark floor is suitable for Chinese and European style mahogany furniture, elegant and dignified Ming and Qing furniture, no matter the style or color, it will show the taste of the owner. A set of exquisite mahogany furniture, its rare and rare wood species, exquisite and excellent design and workmanship, as a symbol of Chinese traditional classical culture, has inheritance value. Traditional Chinese and new Chinese styles, mahogany furniture with simple shapes and smooth lines are the most popular, with walnut and mahogany flooring, more noble. 3. Light-colored floors are easier to take care of in the spring in the north than dark-colored floors. There is more dust, and light-colored floors are more resistant to dirt. If you like bright sunshine, choose beige floors to make your home more cozy. As the main color of the home style, the material and color of the floor need to be combined with the furniture and the wall. The texture and color should be harmonious and unified, and the contrast should not be too large, otherwise it will appear abrupt and uncoordinated. In the same color system, choosing different color texture styles will make the matching level of the home richer. If the floor of your home is not high or the lighting is average, light-colored floors are more suitable. 4. White floor + gray wall white floor can create a peaceful home atmosphere. The editor recommends using gray white for the walls. The gray white floor makes the family atmosphere relaxed and active, and will not conflict with the floor color, and will not be 'top-heavy'.
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