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Take you know marble tile marble tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-01-13

marble is very good materials in building materials market, can be carved crafts, lamps, utensils, and other practical works of art, favored by consumers. So, marble tile? Here are the small make up to introduce for everybody!

how about the marble tiles, one of the types of marble tiles from the material point of view, marble tiles can be divided into four kinds, one is A kind of high grade marble tile, have the same, excellent processing quality, does not contain impurities and porosity. Second is B type decking tile, marble characteristics close to the former category, but the processing quality of slightly; There are natural flaws; Need to be small separation, adhesive and filling. Three is class C decking tile, marble processing quality exists some differences; Defects, porosity, texture, fracture is common. Repair the differences of medium difficulty, by the method such as separation, adhesive, filler or reinforcement can repair. Four is class D marble tile, its characteristics and class C are similar, but it has a more natural flaws, and processing quality of the biggest difference, need the same kind of method for surface treatment of many times. Marble tile how # 2: the characteristics of the marble tiles marble tile has three characteristics, it is have good adornment performance, marble tile does not contain radiation and colour and lustre is gorgeous, color is rich, is widely used in interior walls, ground decoration. At the same time, it has excellent processing performance: sawing, cutting, grinding, drilling, carving, etc. 2 it is marble tile wear-resisting performance is good, not easy ageing, its service life is in commonly 50 - Around the year 80. 3 it is marble tiles with electrical, magnetic, field character such as a stable. Marble tile like # 3: marble tile conventional color is different from other building stone, each piece of marble tile different texture, smooth, bright and pure and fresh, give us time and time again. Used in the bedroom decorate, can foil bedroom more elegant and generous. Common marble tiles can be divided into eight kinds of color: color ( Gold ivory, Sally Anna cream-colored, Amy cream-colored, moonlight cream-colored, Oman cream-colored) , white, Peirce white, gold spider) , grey system ( Pass the high ash, France wood ash) , black, Black crystal jade) , yellow, The rainforest brown) , green, Rain forest green) , coffee, Turkey shallow brown net, Spain deep brown network) , red, Spain's beauty red) 。 Understand the content of the above, do you know what happened to the marble tiles? Actually, for a lot of busy work, busy life, how about the marble tiles, oneself do not need to consider, when decorate when let designer or shops to help marble brand ceramic tile of choose and buy. However, from another perspective, if you want to create a more comfortable and more convenient living environment, for marble tile to make more understanding, it is necessary. What do you think?

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