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Take a look at how much you to the misunderstanding of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-04-04
< / p> < p> ceramic tile is all you need to use outdoor and indoor decoration decoration materials, many people for it is both love and fear. Like from its shape decoration effect is really good, fear from want to choose a good product, really good trouble, and some people know about choosing ceramic tile, there are many mistakes. For example: polishing brick don't prevent slippery, ceramic tile, the better the more thick, the specifications of the floor tile ceramic tile is bigger is better, and so on. < / p> < p> no, polishing brick, prevent slippery < / p> < p> may be polished tile surface roughness and glossiness are very high, many people will think it antiskid performance is very poor, the polishing brick to understand a mistake. Polishing brick, in fact, non-slip performance is very good, the more water, will feel more and more dry feet, because the instep and brick surface is very smooth, the moisture on the brick can make close contact between the two, played an effective stop slippery effect, such as two pieces of glass in the middle of adding water, is very difficult to separate them, so the polishing brick can also apply to hutch defends a space. < / p> < p> 2, ceramic tile is thicker, the better < / p> < p> to the problem of the thickness of the ceramic tile so far countries are not unified standards, generally are decided by their own, so thick and thin and as the standard of identification of ceramic tile quality. Though, the international standard and not to the standard of the thickness of the ceramic tile, but the water absorption, damage strength and rupture modulus and so on various aspects have standards, the quality of ceramic tile, depends on the endoplasmic reticulum of outdoor ceramic tile, the higher the density, its quality is better, therefore can from identify the weight of the quality of ceramic tile ceramic tile, same specification ceramic tile ceramic tile, the heavier the better, from the perspective of low carbon environmental protection, thin brick will be the future development direction of ceramic tile industry. < / p> < p> 3, the specifications of the floor tile ceramic tile is bigger, the better < / p> < p> these days, many of the specifications of the ceramic tile ceramic tile on the market, small to 150 * 150 mm, big to 800 * 2600 mm. Big brick paved looks atmosphere, but is not necessarily bigger is better, choose what specifications apply ceramic tile to consider factors, such as: the size of the real space, space construction module, construction difficulty, price and decoration effect. Generally speaking, the home of the sitting room area is larger, selection of floor tile of 800/1000/600 ( 毫米) Advisable, and the main kitchen, balcony, between wei yu, because the area is small, wet area and to consider the ground to the water problem, too big bad construction, so choose 600 mm ceramic tile the floor tile of the following specifications. is the bigger specification outdoor ceramic tile is more thick, the higher the price. < / p> < p> 4, seamless brick was posted up without seam < / p> < p> seamless brick 'at the edge of the industry, often referred to as after fine grinding, glazed tile, archaize brick and glazed ceramic tile ( Four edges has no chamfer on the surface of the brick, a right Angle) , considering the gap between dense small ceramic tile, so call seamless brick. Many customers are like seamless shop is stuck, does gap is smaller, the overall decoration effect will be better, but in the process of reality of the shop is stuck, it is very difficult to do, is mainly: one, considering the ceramic tile in the length, straight Angle, side straight degree deviation etc. , no error of ceramic tile is not completely; Second, in the process of the construction workers also can appear some error; 3, any product in heat bilges cold shrink, outdoor ceramic tile is no exception. Gap is too small, will reduce the strain capacity of the environment ceramic tile, considering the change of environmental temperature, make ceramic tile mutual extruding, cause the size of the seam in general should be 1 - 1. About 5 mm. Widen the special effect and crack can be appropriate. < / p> < p> 5, matte glaze tile clean < / p> < p> the light actually matte glaze and glaze surface of the ceramic tile glaze layer, is after high temperature firing, became the stiffness of the vitreous material, can make the ceramic tile surface densification, bibulous rate is zero, airtight, no pollution, not the characteristics of seepage pollution, easy to clean. < / p> < p>
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