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Real view of porch tile paving

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

As for the overall decoration of the house, everyone will pay special attention to it. However, I found that many people often overlook the key to porch tiles. In fact, the hallway, as a place that must be passed in and out of the house, should be put on the tiles. Enough spacious hallway space, bright and bright lighting, artistic soft decoration, and noble and eye-catching parquet, such a magnificent hallway will definitely leave a deep impression on the guests. The exquisite and atmospheric design of the entrance can reflect the taste of the owner and leave a good impression on the guests. And a good porch design, of course, is inseparable from the beautiful tile paving. Below, let the editor tell you how to affix the porch tiles through a few real-life pictures of the porch tiles.

Choose one

Tile mosaic

No mosaic, not luxurious. The gorgeous and noble parquet pattern is undoubtedly the first choice for the entrance floor.

Choose two

Multi-color matching tile paving

Prefer simple, traditional or idyllic home decoration, luxurious and beautiful parquet may not come in handy At this time, you can choose the multi-color tile combination paving plan, the effect is rich and not too fancy.

Font-back paving is a relatively common solution, and the color of the main tiles should be similar to the color of the entire home decoration when paving.

Choose three

Purely press the edge to enhance the sense of space

If the apartment is small, the area reserved for the hallway will not be too large, choose parquet or complicated The paving plan will be counterproductive, making the space seem cramped and messy. Many people will choose to directly use tiles that are consistent with the living room to pave the porch. At this time, add one or two pressure lines, the effect will be much better.

Choose four

Cultural stone

The cultural stone tiles with humanistic atmosphere bring warm feeling in the cold winter, and they are laid on the ground or used as background The walls are all suitable.

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