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Pay attention to non-slip properties when buying tiles to ensure home floor safety

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18
The anti-slip of bathroom tiles is very important, and non-slip floor tiles are very unsafe. Therefore, when buying ceramic tiles, decorating friends must pay attention to whether the anti-slip properties of the tiles are qualified.   Special attention should be paid to the anti-slip of bathroom tiles.    Although the brand will show consumers the relevant data when purchasing, it is more suitable to make a judgment by stepping on it yourself. If possible, you can also sprinkle some water and try again. In addition, the anti-slip of the tiles is mainly formed by the friction of the contact surface, so you can try to buy some floor tiles with patterns and bumps. In addition, if you use polished tiles, you must pay attention to asking whether anti-skid agent is added, and you can also feel whether there is jerky anti-skid effect after contact with water. The water absorption rate of wall tiles determines the firmness of its pasting. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption rate, the higher the density of the product and the stronger the anti-pollution ability. Tiles with high water absorption rate will result in thermal expansion and contraction. The surface of the ceramic tiles is cracked and the overall ceramic tiles are peeled off. In Beijing, where the four seasons of the environment are distinct, the bathroom needs to pay more attention to this problem. Experts suggest that the simple way to judge is percussion, the sound is clear and loud and the density is high; the sound is hoarse, the density is low, and the water absorption rate is high.  What is the slip resistance of ceramic tiles?  The slip resistance of ceramic tiles refers to the ability of ceramic floor tiles to overcome slippage under special circumstances. Especially floor tiles, wall tiles do not need to consider this issue. Ceramic tiles are just one of the factors that cause slippage. Other factors include the use environment (re-moisture, rain, ice and snow), pollutants (oil stains, stagnant water), usage methods (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, whether there are handrails) , Human mobility (elderly, pregnant women, children), human mental state (drunk, sick), slip resistance of shoe soles (roughness, material), etc. Factors that affect the non-slip performance of ceramic tiles The factors that affect the non-slip performance of ceramic tiles include whether the shape is uneven, whether the surface is rough or smooth, whether the paving is smooth (mosaic), etc.; the types of ceramic tiles that are prone to slipping include polished tiles and polished glazes. Bricks, etc.; slipping types are mainly wet slips and greasy slips.   The anti-slip of the floor tiles in the home is very necessary. Keep the tiles clean and dry. After cleaning the floor, use a dry mop to absorb the ground moisture in time to ensure the safety of walking on the ground.
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