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Hutch is defended decorate a design strategy of ceramic tile brick 10 points

by:JIABANG     2020-09-02

a lot of people may think, shop sticks ceramic tile is relatively easy to construction, is the best attitude in decorating in the home, as long as find a good worker, according to the reasonable process for construction.

1, decorate summer evaporation reducing viscosity

ceramic tile decorated in in the summer, hot weather can let moisture evaporation of acceleration, cement mortar after the water evaporates, can lead to the bonding of cement mortar is reduced greatly. If affected by larger weather, even if have no problem in the shop, also may produce a series of problems such as empty drum.

2, outdoor ceramic tile shop sticks to lock moisture.

small make up remind everybody, shop sticks ceramic tile in the summer, whether it's for tile or ground leveling, after dry, not only to the water, and most importantly, have to lock in moisture, to ensure that water does not flow. Therefore, summarize the process of shop sticks ceramic tile, best daily to leveling the ground or top has been paved tiles with some water. Water is also need skills, some homeowners for convenience, simply a bucket of water spilt on the ground, so it is not advisable, too much water can affect the solidification of cement slurry. As a result, neither water and to keep the ground wet, so can keep 4 to 6 days are the best. If you really have no time, you can also cover a layer of cardboard in ground, water poured over, and open the Windows for ventilation, wait for dry naturally.

3, area is lesser, choose small size ceramic tile

generally relatively small kitchen, there are a door and window ambry, net area is small, in order to avoid waste and keep the coordination of the space, should choose specifications small ceramic tile, this shop is stuck waste will rarely, avoid the construction such as large size outdoor ceramic tile cutting bring so much inconvenience.

4, planning fees in advance

decorate in household in, many owners concern is cost. Everyone will have different understanding to the family, how to use the limited funds to decorate the most perfect home? So before decorate, be sure to plan, only good planning can reduce the cost.

5, ambry should not be on the back of ceramic tile

because there are a lot of cabinets, kitchen cabinets ceramic tile should not be on the back of the shop is stuck, because in such a completely be ambry local shop sticks ceramic tile is a total waste.

kitchen operating environment is the high temperature environment, choose the color of ceramic tile should give priority to with light color and cool color to move, such as white, light green, light gray color. Such colour can make a person under the condition of high temperature to feel the breath of spring and cold, and the light in expanding can feel the space outspread, avoid brunet attune in narrow space makes people feel dull and depressing.

6, inferior smooth outdoor wood deck tiles, also good cleaning

avoid to use ceramic tile waist line, because of the narrow space using the waist line will make the space appears cluttered, cumbersome, but a few trailers can be appropriately the shop is stuck piece to adorn, make the kitchen reveals how much vitality and romantic.

the best shop sticks ceramic tile of dumb light, clean matte tile can make people feel bad, in fact this is wrong, the matte tile not only is very easy to clean, with good quality and the exquisite, plain gloss can show master more elegant aesthetic view, makes the grade of the kitchen is more harmonious, natural.

7 to reply in time, bo changes a brick, brick surface protection

bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles in the microscopic state actually has many pores, it is hard to see from the naked eye. Factory for antifouling, generally at the surface layer of wax, if do not pay attention to timely protection, the wax layer is ground out, then some besmirch hard cleaning when completed.

8, the use of cement has exquisite

a lot of label, while cement use namely, 325, 425, 525, 625, etc. There are many special cement, generally the same kind of brand, the higher the grade, the more expensive, but home is not the higher the grade, the more expensive the better.

9, after the shop remember to check

12 hours after the shop is stuck on tile surface check, if find free drum repaved, all brick pavement complete scrubbing rear can walk, 24 hours a day. If the products in case of the anti-fouling processing cloth to wipe up belongs to the normal phenomenon, the available domestic steel wire ball gently cleansing, can easily remove show luster. Clean with clear water or neutral detergent, cloth wipe up finally, lest landslide.

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