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How to tile the exterior wall

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

   Generally speaking, if you want to tiling tiles, you need more indoors, but in fact, exterior wall tiles are not a minority, but there are really many skills to master. This issue is simple. Introduce some steps and techniques for tiling tiles on external walls, I hope it will be helpful to you! (Plate tiles on the exterior wall)

   1. The first step is to find the horizontal line of the building. The tool used is a level ruler. Simply measure it and waterproof it.

  2. Because the tiles are divided into many sizes, we need to check the size of the bricks before tiling the tiles on the exterior wall, and then make sure that the gap between the bricks and the bricks is 5mm, and use cotton thread to adjust the spacing Fix it well, and the spacing must be controlled well.

  3. In order to make the tiles more durable, they usually have to be soaked for a period of time. We can soak the wall tiles in clean water, and then dry the surface moisture before paving.

  4. In the next step, you can start preparing for the paste operation. Use a gray spoon to put the cement on the back of the brick and then spread the bottom of the brick. Remember not to leave any gaps, and then spread the cotton thread on the wall according to the division. on.

  5. Because there are gaps between the tiles, you must carefully fill the gaps. First wet the brick surface with water. After the surface is dried, use cement mortar to wipe the gaps. Scrape the outdoor wood deck tiles surface mortar with a rubber sheet, then wring dry with a sponge wet water, and wipe the surface in time until there are no traces of cement.

  6. The last is the cleaning operation. After filling the joints at about 30 o'clock, rinse the outdoor wood deck tiles surface with clean water from top to bottom. Be careful not to get dirty at this time. Water has splashed on the tiles, and wash them quickly, so that cement and the like will not stick to them.

   This is the introduction of some techniques for tiling tiles on exterior walls in this issue. Do you think you have benefited a lot? If you want to learn more related knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the official website! Thank you for watching! (Plate tiles on the exterior wall)


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