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How to solve tile hollowing

by:JIABANG     2021-07-12
How to solve tile hollowing? When we are laying tiles, sometimes there will be tile hollowing phenomenon, so today I will tell you how to solve the tile hollowing. First of all, determine how large the hollowing area of u200bu200bthe tiles or floor tiles is, whether it is a large area of u200bu200btiles or floor tiles, or a small area of u200bu200bsingle hollowing. Hit the tiles or floor tiles with a small hammer. If it sounds empty, then it It may be hollow; 1) If the tile is a large-area hollowing phenomenon, then the entire hollowing area is required to be re-laid with tile floor tiles, because treating a single area will outweigh the gain; 2) If it is a single small-area tile hollowing, Then take the following measures: a: First cut the joints between the hollow tiles and the tiles without hollow drums with a cutting machine, and open all the hollow tiles, and deal with the hollow tiles or hollow floor tiles. The cement mortar or tile adhesive must be cleaned; b: Choose tiles of the same specification, model and color as the tiles without hollow drums for re-paving, choose the tile adhesive that matches the tiles to be laid, and then follow the tile adhesive The correct method, that is to say, use an electric mixer to add water to the plastic bucket and mix it evenly. c: Clean the concrete layer under the tiles, plan out 1~2 cm, clean it and clean it, and coat the floor tiles evenly with a layer of mixing Use the mixed mortar or tile glue to paste and re-pave. Pay attention to the 1.5-5mm expansion joint gap when paving the tiles; d: Pave the finished tiles or floor tiles, and use the tiles after the cement mortar is dried. Reinforcement by the beauty joint agent can prevent the tile from being hollowed out again. The above is the solution to the tile hollow drum that Xiaobian brought to you, and I hope it can bring you some help.
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