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How to remodel the old kitchen? What to do if the kitchen tiles fall off

by:JIABANG     2021-05-09

 After a long time, many functions have fallen short of people's needs, and many families will renovate them, especially the kitchen. Then, how to renovate the kitchen in the old house? What should I do if the kitchen tiles fall off? Follow the editor to have a look, I hope it can help everyone.

   One. Old house renovation and kitchen renovation 1. wall renovation materials. Currently on the market, outdoor wood deck tiles wall renovation materials include tile surface treatment agents and tile and mosaic adhesives. These renovation materials can be directly used. Painting on the old wall, and then paving the new wall tiles, saving time and energy.  2. Tile surface treatment agent   is a special dry powdered building material product. It has both bonding and leveling functions. It can not only adhere firmly to the smooth tile surface, but also form a smooth plaster layer. 3. Ceramic tiles, mosaic adhesives Tiles and mosaic adhesives are similar to traditional cement mortar, but they are actually made of inorganic cementing materials such as cement and polymer added. They are applied to the surface of old tiles or mosaics and dry hard. New tile paving or paint construction can be carried out.  4. Refurbishment of wall and floor tiles  No matter what kind of tiles the kitchen and bathroom walls and floors are, new tiles can be directly attached to the old tiles. Individual severely bulging or damaged tiles need to be removed. After removal, use mosaic tile surface treatment agent to repair it. After the surface is as flat as the old tiles, use tile adhesive to paste the new tiles to make them stronger.  5. Refurbishment of old walls by painting paint

   Painting on old tiles or mosaics has higher requirements on the flatness and putty layer of the wall.

  2. What should I do if the kitchen tiles fall off? 1. Re-attach when the tiles fall off due to improper construction or aging, how to attach the tiles back, in addition to the necessary basic procedures, according to There are also different treatments for the mortar on the remaining wall. 2. The mortar is not loose. If the mortar is not loose, but the tiles fall off, you can first scrape the mortar on the back of the tile and the surrounding mortar, and then mix 107 glue with a little cement to make a paste, and apply a thin layer evenly on the back of the tile. After pressing the tile, it will stick firmly. 3. The mortar has peeled off. If the mortar falls together with the tiles, you must first lightly dig some pits on the original foundation surface, and then mix the mortar with 107 glue to re-apply, and the tiles that will fall off after brushing on the foundation Press on until the mortar hardens. It should be noted that if the tiles are only partially peeled off, do not use force to beat the mortar on the foundation surface to prevent vibration from loosening the original solid tiles. 4. The veneer junction is detached

  The old tiles are still intact, but they are separated from other veneer junctions. When repairing, you can first remove the sand and dust at the joints, and then inject the epoxy resin adhesive. , After drying, use waterproof flexible caulking materials (such as glass glue) to fill the joints.

The above is my introduction to the kitchen renovation, I hope it can help you.

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